Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I have learned in 53 years

Here is a list of things that I have learned over my 53 years of being in this world:

  1. If you act old you can get the senior discount without proof.
  2. AARP is just a scam to get your $16.
  3. Religion is the biggest and longest running scam created by Man
  4. How you are remembered after you die is the only afterlife.
  5. Women with Hot Flashes and Men that like Cold weather should be life partners
  6. The older I get the more I realize that it doesn't really matter, just do what you want.
  7. There are no true real friends - Everyone has a self serving motive
  8. There are no Selfless deeds
  9. Going one day without food will not kill you
  10. Viewing womens boobs will make you feel better
  11. Exercise everyday

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Freedom dispenser

Controlling and dispensing of Freedom

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I think we have been sold a sack of shit

America no longer stands for freedom of speech and we no longer have tolerance.  Tolerance for alternate lifestyles, or even the tolerance for non-tolerance. There are numerous examples.  This is a world of hypocrites.  Case in point, Christmas cheer.

All you hear is Merry Christmas.  You turn around and your getting cut off on the road or pushed around at the store (example walmart parking lot).  Take for instance during my last trip to walmart.  There was a pickup truck parked sideways taking up 2 spots.  You know the type truck lifted with duck stickers.  As I was leaving, the owner walked up to the truck wearing the duck dynasty getup looking like the latest hillbilly.
Have you watched the Christmas specials made in the last 20 years.  Most of the popular ones talk about Santa or buying stuff but nothing about what Christmas is supposed to be about.

Does anyone even remember why we celebrate Christmas?

"Christians celebrate Christmas because it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Some people celebrate because everyone else is doing it and view it as the season for intimate gatherings and gift giving even without religious conviction. Others celebrate Christmas because it is a family tradition."

Interesting answer.  So apparently there are a certain number of people that celebrate Christmas just
because everyone else does.  Reminds me of what my Mom would ask me when I wanted to do what everyone else was doing "If they were jumping off a cliff would you follow?"  It does however explain a lot.  For example:

  1. Why people buy crap for people that they don't really like.  It is just something that is done in their circle of friends.  Which makes the stores crowded.  It also explains the crappy Christmas music that is piped into the stores.  They are only playing into this tradition thing.
  2. Rude and inconsiderate attitudes and actions when in public.  These people are actually pissed off that it is Christmas and they have to act a certain way.
  3. The Christmas charity of food.  I guess that the poor do not get hungry any other time of the year.
  4. How we see Christmas crap being pushed in the stores earlier each and every year.  This year I saw the joy-tide crap before Halloween (my favorite holiday)
That time period that starts just after Thanksgiving and is finally over by December 25th must be the most aggravating and annoying time of the year.  Is there a place that has no Christmas?  Perhaps in the Middle east?  Not really a viable option given the state of affairs in that part of the world.  

Should I convert to Islam?

"Muslim believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, as prophet of God. Muslims do not celebrate Christmas since it’s not a religious holiday according to Islam. Christmas day to Muslims is like any normal working day."

Sounds perfect.  Where do I sign up.

A quick search on Google reveals:

"To convert to Islam and become a Muslim a person needs to pronounce the below testimony with conviction and understanding its meaning:

I testify “La ilah illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah.”

The translation of which is:

“I testify that there is no true god (deity) but God (Allah), and that Muhammad is a Messenger (Prophet) of God.”

To hear it click here 

When someone pronounces the testimony with conviction, then he/she has become a Muslim.
" (ref www.islamreligion.com)

Ah crap, I have a problem with the language.

I think we have been sold a sack of shit

I was told that there was a Christmas spirit, that we celebrated the birth of Jesus.  What is really happening is that in our materialist piece of the world, the holiday has morphed into something else.  It has become a tradition of a spending frenzy starting on "Black Friday", only being perpetuated by the growth of the internet.  As well as being fueled by Corporate advertising and the dumbing down of our school system.  

Perhaps we need to take a deep look into our current existence.  Where is this path leading us?  More importantly what path have you chosen?  As far as I am concerned I chose to continue to be cynical.  

I only have one question for everyone:  If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you follow?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More

So as we come to the end of they year Two Thousand Thirteen (2013), enter the final holidays of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Every year I write about these holidays giving you a rant or even perhaps a rave about each of them.  Last year I ranted on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I even gave you my opinion on Christmas 2011.  I sit back today, read these posts and realize that I have grown past a lot of what I said in those posts.  I was very bitter and sarcastic.  After reading last years post on Christmas.  I have come to a new revelation.

Today is different, this year I have turned a new leaf.  It is not my place to judge other people about what they do with their money and or time.  We must each live our own experience, find our own peace, and spread our own joy.  For each of us this will be different.  For myself, it is probably no much different than what is taught in the Atheist mega-churches that are springing up all over the country.

Does this mean I am atheist?

The answer this year is: I don't think so.  What I mean is that I believe that there is a higher being aka God or energy that we merge or join with in the end.  Is it an actual being or is our life energy absorbed into the universe?  I think that my brain is too small to even attempt to answer that question.  In addition, for each person that answer is different.  As I get older I fine tune my beliefs which are derivatives of all the years I have lived.  Hence the reason that I have written posts in the past that I do not necessarily fully believe today.

Stephan Hawkins said, "A belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a "fairy story" for people afraid of death."

A belief that heaven or an after life awaits us is a "fairy story" for people afraid of death just like time is a
"fairy story" and subject to our frame of reference.  The closer we get to the end of life the more we realize that time is not a fixed unit of measure, just like god is not a fixed unit of belief.


No one can tell you or "preach" to you who or what god is, each of us must experience life and come to our own conclusions.  Life is a journey, there is no guide, there is no manual, what I see life as, is not the same as what another person is experiencing.  Who am I to preach my set of beliefs on someone else?  We each have to live with our journey and accept it for what it is...  Truly amazing.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

H.R. 2356: We Are Watching You Act of 2013

Did you know that the big media distributors like Verizon and Comcast can legally install cameras and microphones in your set top box to monitor the activity near the TV in order to feed the proper advertising to your screen?  I wrote about the loss of our privacy while watching TV back in June 2013.

H.R. 2356 was introduced by Michael Capuano, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts's 7th Congressional District a Democrat of all people.  This bill, nicknamed "We are watching you act of 2013" would make the installation of cameras, microphones and other monitoring devices illegal without consumer agreement.

"To provide for notification to consumers before a video service collects visual or auditory information from the viewing area and to provide consumers with choices that do not involve the collection of such information, and for other purposes."

Unfortunately according to GovTrack.us there is only a 6% chance that this bill will make it out of committee. With just a 1% chance of it becoming law.

So what has happened?  Did we get too involved in the Debt Ceiling debate or perhaps the Affordable
Health Care Act?  Or perhaps the fact that Verizon and Google are helping the NSA spy on regular Americans and foreign countries.  It would seem that our rights and privacies are under attack from all sides.  We are currently losing our right to choose what type of health insurance we want as well as being forced to have insurance.  Now the very privacy we enjoy in our homes is under attack.

This "New America" is not the direction our forefathers wanted the country to go.  Someday in the future, sooner than later, we will wake up and wonder how we lost all our rights and privacy.  People you do not lose your rights in one day.  You slowly give them up little by little.  So after a bit of time you look back and say "What happened?".