Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emergence of the Anti-incumbent party

I have to talk about this.  The never ending crap that Congress and the President crank out on a daily basis. I am talking about the personal attacks and political play each party contributes to.  I am not pointing the finger at any one party.  Everyone from the Tea Party, Democrats and including the Republicans are to blame.  We  need to have a conversation where everyone sits down and talks things out.  Enough of this close minded crap.

Guess what Democrats, We do not want higher taxes but realize it must be done.

Guess what Republicans, We want lower taxes but realize that we need to fund the government programs.

Guess what Tea Party, You can't pray your way out of this mess!

So, as you might have figured out I am done with them all!  They have not done anything to fix the problems or, for that matter even came up with reasonable solutions.  I, however, have the solution.  My solution changes the makeup of Congress and basically Washington DC in general.  How about we just not vote for the guy currently in office.  WHAT?  That's right, I am talking about voting for the other guy.

When you enter that voting booth simply chose the other guy, the guy or gal for that matter that is challenging the incumbent candidate.  After all, they haven't been doing their jobs as of yet.  Ask yourself this important question: (After all we are American)

"Has the person in office done a good job?"

Look at his job performance just like your Boss would look at your performance.  In fact use the performance sheet that your boss uses to evaluate your performance at work.  You say you don't have a job?  Well that should help you answer the question even faster.

My proposal is that all Americans should join a new party, the Anti-incumbent party.  Joining is really easy and absolutely FREE.  Just vote for the other guy (gal).  That's right, simply vote the current politician that holds the office out of office.  I can't say this will solve all of our problems but maybe... just maybe, they will actually talk to each other as normal American should.  We might then actually have some solutions come out of Washington that make sense and will actually work.

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