Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It’s Your Right, It’s an Obligation!

Wake up!! Why do people stick their head in the sand when it comes to news, current events, politics and the future of the nation? I recently had a conversation with a very close friend. She said to me “I don’t ever watch the news. I don’t keep up with all that political stuff. I don’t complain about anything because I don’t have the right to since I don’t have knowledge of current events”. Well, why don’t you just put out the soap box and help me get on it!!!

My first and immediate response was: “Do you vote?” You know what her answer was? “NO, why should I. What’s one vote?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One vote equals more than you think! There are so many people across this country saying the same thing. So, yes, your one vote makes a huge difference. I have very strong political opinions and I would love for everyone to agree with me, but more importantly you have an obligation to vote as an American citizen. It’s your right as a citizen. President Obama won the vote for several reasons but I do believe the biggest contributing factor was so many people who have never voted ran to the polls because they wanted something and believed in something so strongly. On the other hand, the republicans, libertarians, independents and undecided voters didn’t take their heads out of the sand and realize what it meant to the African American community to usher in the first African American President. The problem is he is a liberal democrat that has no idea what he is doing! Would the results have been the same for Condoleezza Rice? Would women and the African American community have supported her in the same manner no matter political opinion and beliefs?

Why do you vote or in some cases, choose not to vote? It’s not a popularity contest. Vote based on your convictions, beliefs, moral values and opinions. Every choice will be the lesser of evils as there will never be a perfect candidate. Educate yourself! All of you that do not take advantage of your moral obligation to vote are disregarding the sacrifice of the men and women who have given their lives for us to have the right and freedom to choose! Make your one voice heard!

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