Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Middletown: A New Development Recycled

It's odd saying I 'live in a development'.  Almost feels like I should be saying institution.  Back in my home state (NJ) we called the places we lived neighborhoods.  Here everything is labeled - Middletown Village, Dove Run, etc., etc.  Is this accepting?  I do not want to be known as the development on levels road.  I guess it's part of the new construction package along with having to call the town when your garbage and / or recycle does not get picked up.

I pay my taxes (on time) and whatever else the town requires (water, sewer etc.).  I even pay HOA dues as of late and for what I don't know because we are a 'development' in ruins - bankruptcy - with none of the amenities we signed up for.  No golf course, no pool or clubhouse, not even walking paths or park as promised (I feel like this is the new generation of a Gilligan's Island tale).  The point is when I am expected to pay and I don't the first thing they do (Middletown) is shut something off or slap me with a late fee.  But this being the 3rd time that I have had to call the Town because our rotten, stinking recycle has been sitting curb side since pick up day (Friday) and it is now Tuesday I get nothing.  I don't get to say, I'll be subtracting the amount for one pick up from my next payment.  Or better yet get to send them a bill for my time and aggravation having to call them to get someone to do their job, something they're being paid for. . .by me!  

I get remote satisfaction that within 30 minutes of my phone call there is a truck rambling down my street to retrieve the full containers.  What I don't appreciate is getting told by 'Donna' that they will not pick up the recycle from any can outside of the one the Town has provided for us.  "You have two cans" - the horror.  Yes, I do.  I used to pay a separate recycling company to pick up for us, who never missed a day, until the Town of Middletown caught up with the rest of the go Green world and decided they would institute a recycling policy of their own.  Well isn't that fantastic - welcome to the 21st century.  I know it's new and you're all still trying to wrap your brains around throwing cans and bottles in a big blue bin but that is no excuse for not picking it up on it's designated pick up day.  Note to Donna by the way, contract or not, they picked up BOTH cans!

Here's the real rub - if you sign up to be in the recycle collection business then it is fair to say that your job is to pick up on the designated days in the appropriate 'developments' - am I right?  And that doesn't or shouldn't  require a phone call from a homeowner four days after the fact to report that our cans are still full.  So to say I'm satisfied with the quick turn around over this incident is weak.  Pick up the damn cans every Friday like you're supposed to and I will be satisfied.  The same way you're satisfied (Town of Middletown) when you get my payment on time. How about that!

PS - Due to the Labor Day holiday, recycle will be picked up on Saturday!  Good Luck!

Contributed by: Denise Pavona '10,000 Jobs and Counting'

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  1. Add to that, when Middletown sent out the letter announcing the recycling changes, they made no mention of a container limit. In fact, the letter stated we could use an existing recycle container if we had one. We don't always fill up two containers but when we do we want to put them at the curb and have them emptied, otherwise, what is the point of having the service.


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