Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Rant about the Republicans

WHAT!  Bob Johnson is ranting on the Republicans!!!!!

That's right folks, I am ranting on the Republicans.  But before I talk about my rant keep in mind that I was a Republican ever since I could form opinions.  Having grown up in South Texas, the area had its influence on my political views.  So the question is "What party am I affiliated with?"  NONE!  People I refuse to lay ownership to any party whether it be Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, or Independent.  I just want to make sure that you understand that yes I do VOTE in every election.  I just refuse to have anyone think that I am an automatic vote for their candidate just because my voters card states some party affiliation.

So here is my Rant regarding the Republicans.  This Rant is not directed to any one candidate however I am specifically looking at Rick Perry and Mitt Romney's websites as compared to President Obama's website.  Guys I have been through your websites and I am confused as to exactly what you stand for.  I want to believe that you are in fact the best choice for President of the United States, however I am very "gun shy".  Hey drop the constant Donate requests.  The only way that I will donate my hard earned cash to anyone will be when I am sold on the fact that they are the best choice for President of the United States.

Here is an interesting blog post  "Campaign 2012–Incorporating Social Media in a Campaign Web site–Hits and Misses"  In this article Dr. Janet points out something that really irritates me (She has even noticed the donate requests):

"First, Governor Rick Perry is the newest GOP candidate to try for the most powerful job in America. Governor Rick Perry has a Twitter button and a Facebook button, but no blog. There’s nothing on this web site where people can become involved other than the Donate button."

Guess what Gov.. I am not going to donate unless I feel connected to you!  I must believe that you are the "ONE".  I mean lets face it.  President Obama has his website cranking.  Quite frankly we cannot survive another 4 years under his socialist rule!  Yet the voters do their research online.  They make -  yes and no decisions based on what they see on websites.  Get your acts together!  

Just as a side note, I did not mention the other candidates and well mostly because quite frankly at the time I am writing this post they were not very popular candidates.  I will say that if you read Janet's post she dives into each website in detail and has torn them apart.

Signed, - Just another scared and confused voter

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