Saturday, October 29, 2011

Governor’s Weekly Message: Delaware’s Realities – On TV and in Our Communities

In his weekly message, Governor Jack Markell talks about Delawareans who have been working hard to help our state compete in the global economy…and on reality television.
“So many people around the country have had a chance to see some inspiring Delawareans, who used their time in the spotlight to bring attention to some of the talent, creativity and drive that helps define our state,” said Markell.
The University of Delaware’s Deltones a cappella group recently finished in the Top 10 on The Sing Off, and other Delawareans have represented the state on a national stage: Master Chef winner Jennifer Behm, Cake Boss winner Dana Herbert, Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione, thousands of volunteer Delawareans on Extreme Home Makeover and the creative volunteers behind the upcoming Punkin Chunkin.
Highlights of the 2010 Punkin Chunkin will air on the Science Channel this Saturday for “Chunk-O-Ween,” and the 2011 special will be simulcast on the Discovery and Science Channels on Thanksgiving.  Governor Markell recently changed his Twitter and Facebook profiles photos to a pumpkin head to highlight this unique event.
“But more importantly, when the lights are off and the camera crews have moved on – these Delawareans stay committed to giving back to the place they call home,” continued Markell.  “Because, while life may look glamorous in prime time (unless you’re on Survivor) the truth is, these have been tough times for our nation.”
The Governor thanked fellow Delawareans for the hard work they do every day in their jobs, their homes, their schools and their communities, including the hundreds of thousands of hours given to help our neighbors through efforts like
“The hard work most people put in, day in and day out – the commitment they make each morning to making their families and their communities stronger – may not make for exciting television but makes for a much brighter future for all of us, and helps keep our great state moving forward.”
About the Governor’s Weekly Message: 
At noon every Friday, a new video message is posted to the Governor’s website and YouTube channel and is distributed to Delaware media outlets.   Transcripts of the messages are posted and the audio version of the Governor’s message is available on iTunes as a podcast for distribution to personal MP3 players and home computers.   The Governor’s weekly message is currently being carried on the air and posted on websites by various media outlets, and the direct link is:
Constituents, media outlets and others are free to link to the Governor’s video message on YouTube - – or on his Facebook page - – or on the Delaware State website at  All are also invited to follow him on Twitter – – and submit ideas through
Transcript of Governor Markell’s Weekly Message

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