Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Had to share this conversation from Facebook

Just in case you can not read this persons post here it is in text:

"It's easy to spend money when it isn't yours and you don't live under the same laws because you create loopholes for you, but chain your constituents into regulations that stunt growth in business and the middle class. People wanted to believe that Obama represented their ideals and came from their background, but how many of us went to Harvard and how many if your children will ever have a shot at an ivy league? Be real! People like Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates started with nothing, but because they were creative, innovative and had faith in the American Dream were able to create multi- billion dollar empires and hired many of us 99%ers! Shame on the "occupiers" for deriving such foolish notions about the 1%ers. My folks are 1%ers and guess what nobody gave them a handout or government loan... Yup they are Anglo, but had they been anything else they could have qualified for government loans and hand outs. My father would rather go without than rely on a taxpayer for some special opportunity."

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