Saturday, November 5, 2011

I want You!

That's right I need some opinions.  I would bet good money on the fact that if you are reading this post, you have an opinion.  Well then, write it down and let the world know how you feel.  My blog has a diverse selection of writers currently, from myself and my long winded opinions to Denise that gave her two cents about the development she lives in.

Been to a restaurant that gave you great service?  How about bad service?  Write an article about it.  Heck it doesn't even have to be long.  It only has to be about your opinion!  Have a different political viewpoint?  Do you love the President?  Do you disagree with my opinions? (Bet alot of people do)  I want to here it.  Write a short post about it.

Its fast and easy to do.  You can either become a regular contributor to this blog or simply send me an email with your article and I can post it for you either using your name or anonymously (Here is an example).  I have a few people that I have done that for.  Just send me an email.  I want to hear from you.

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