Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confessions of a Newbe Blogger....

So here is my confession of being a blogger. The interesting thing about blogging is that you can easily put down exactly how you feel. No matter how right or how wrong it may be. Tie that into the fact that I am extremely opinionated and you have a fairly volatile combination. Let me explain:

In my blog post - Is Santa Claus Real? I make reference to the following:

"People that, only during this Holiday, walk into a store like Walmart (Correction it was Burlington Coat Factory) and pay for the lay away items that have payments late, are only fueling the entitlement wave in this country. (It was probably crap they didn't need. That is why they did not finish paying for it.)"

I am referring to the guy in Philadelphia that walked into the local Burlington Coat Factory and paid $65,000 to the layaway department to pay for everyone that was late on their layaway payments.

Now on the surface it definitely looks like entitlement.  But wait there is more, today I was watching the evening Philadelphia news and sadly someone had abandoned a baby girl in an old cardboard box on the side of the street next to a pile of garbage.  Luckily someone found her and now she is doing fine in the hospital.  Her name for now is Baby Noel.  Wow, I am for once, speechless.  How could anyone do that?

In that segment a nice lady decided to get on Facebook and organize a baby shower for Baby Noel.  Everyone of her friends agreed as well as her local church.  The baby will be well clothed and have toys.  
Brings a tear to your eye right?  In addition to this,

This lady is one of the many Burlington Coat Factory layaway folks that had their payments made for them.  Here is what she said during the news cast interview:

"I just wanted to pay my good fortune forward. Not only did I receive help with my childrens toys I won the school raffle for $250. "

I humbly ask the same question again, Is Santa Claus Real?  I must say YES baby Noel Santa does exist.  Is Santa Claus Chinese, ....No baby Noel he is American.  Is Walmart the new church.... No baby Noel Walmart is not our place of worship.

I hereby stand corrected and confess to my ignorance.  Perhaps I fell victim to the same mainstream media that I rant about in this blog, or I am possibly (absolutely) to fast to judge.  Whatever the reason I stand corrected.

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