Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Most Inane Thing Yet

Yes I said it 'Inane'.  Stupid, idiotic, crazy, any of these alternatives will work just as well.  But I digress, You are probably wondering what I am taking about.  I am talking about the stupidity that people find interesting.  As an example of what I am talking about I give you Jenna Marbles:

Jenna Marbles has a Youtube Channel, You can find her on facebook, her blog, and of course follow her on twitter.  Oh and don't forget her vlog.

At the time of this writing she has 347,500 Vlog subscribers, 1,790,000 subscribers to her youtube channel, 823,000 fans on facebook, and 595,000 followers on twitter.

She is, needless to say, a very popular girl.  Now you might be asking yourself, "Self, what in the world does this girl do to be so popular?  She must take her clothes off."  Well here is her latest video on youtube:

This video alone has received over 1,400,000 views in the past 2 days.......

Now I ask you, seriously, Really?

Now I am not faulting Jenna, she has latched onto a niche and is making money on her great idea. (more on the money later).  I think that she is a genius.  After all she has created a character, fine tuned her act and parleyed it into a money making venture.  She is having great success.  This people is the American Dream.

Here is one of her most popular videos which at this moment has over 12 million views:

Thats right she wears bikinis and well you have to watch it to believe it. (I know i just lost a few brain cells)  Well in any case, I promised to talk about the money that she might be making.  Right now she has 67 videos, she produces a new video every Wednesday.  I am pretty sure she is a Google partner and may be getting paid by Google to produce more videos.  So for the ease of math lets just look at her latest video which has 1.4 million views over the past 2 days.  How much money could the ads generate for her over this time frame.

Well we need to make a few assumptions.  First that only 1% of viewers will actually click on the ad that is either at the beginning of the video or on the upper right hand corner of her channel page.  Then just being very conservative lets say that she earns ten cents per click on those ads.

1,400,000(number of views) x .01(1% clicks) = 14,000 clicks

14,000 (clicks from above) x 0.10 (amount per click earned) = $1,400 (in 2 days)

Like I said the girl is a genus.

Well, now that I have explained my purpose here, I go back to the original title of this post.  The most inane thing yet.  Have the people of America digressed to the point that we watch stupidity.  Does America relate to this type of activity and believe that their life is somehow the same.  I hope not.  Remember these videos are just a marketing act to get you to view them.  Hell they even got me to blog about them.  LOL, I must fit the mold as well.  Jenna, I bow to you, you are a marketing genus.

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