Monday, December 12, 2011

Occupy Dover ...... Really?

I had to share this photo and a Facebook post by my good friend Pete Teague. Apparently Pete talked to the Occupiers in Dover Delaware. Here is his post:

"This is a picture of Occupy Dover (Delaware) on the Capital Mall in front of Legislative Hall. I am not making fun of them, I really am not. But I don’t think this Chapter of the Occupy Movement is getting the required traction – it’s been three weeks with the same 5 tents and folks. I did stop and chat with them today between meetings. Among other questions I asked: So what bill (piece of legislation) are you asking the rest of us to support for the cause? The response: Oh, there isn’t one. We just want the Legislature to see that we are here and watching. I said, you might want to think of a more impactful approach, I'm not sure sleeping here on the Mall is going to cut it. [Overall, I guess I still don’t get how this movement in its present form is going to change anything.]"

Am I making fun of the folks...... Well Yeah of course. What idiot sits at the Legislative Hall and doesn't have some sort of action they want the rest of us to stand behind?

Listen people, if you really want to make an impact, spell out what you want from the legislature. We are all sitting in our nice warm offices laughing at you. I mean you don't really give us a choice. I don't know what you stand for so I can't support something that not even you know what it is.

If you spent this much time looking for gainful employment you might actually get closer to the 1%. I mean as an example, what if you won the lottery and suddenly joined the 100 million dollar club. Would you still be in those tents in freezing cold December? I think not.