Saturday, July 21, 2012

A study in Small Business America

I have included a screen shot of the rhetoric that my last post created on Facebook.  I would like to say that my younger sister (Janet) fights hard to stand up for me in the above post.  She defends me, yet this is exactly the conversations I want to see, this is the entire reason I post to this blog.  This gentleman (name removed for privacy issues) brings out some very valid points.

I have said this before and I say again now.  I am a newbie blogger.  I have talked about my rash comments and posts before.  Here is my confession.  The last post I made definitely has a rash and uninformed tone.  I have researched the comments and perhaps I have been rash in my assessment.  I want to include here the full speech given by the President.  Where you will hear his comments.

I have listened to this speech and for those of you who are conservative, I know that it is a campaign speech. However, the comments made about how small business owners did not build it was taken out of context and when taken in context means something different. Here are the comments that I am specifically referring to:

I think what he is actually trying to say within this entire speech is that America is great and was created by all Americans. The other side (Republicans or Romney camp) obviously took that one section and created a social media hoax. Creating conversations that includes a number of funny yet incorrect images. Here are a few:

So the real question here is -- Why am I so offended by that comment?

In his speech he was obviously trying to inspire all of America. So to answer this question you need to understand the small business owner. Being a small business owner is a high risk, long hours job. I should know, I am a small business owner since 1997.
Here is what you can count on from a small business owner:

1. Lives and breaths his business. Will go to sleep thinking of their business.

2. Will forgo pay in order to make his employees payroll.

3. Will hold off layoffs even when the sales forecast is poor.

4. Will dump more investment into the business during recession times.

5. Will cut all expenses possible before cutting staff.

6. No long vacations for the owner, how can you run the business if you are not there?

Did I receive help and encouragement during the development and running of my business? Has the internet, roads and bridges helped build my business? Yes of course. In fact I must credit my family for accepting the sacrifice we made to start. When we were not sure where our next mortgage payment would come from or forgoing a vacation to help the company stay alive. The friends that not only offered encouragement but also valuable advise, as well as word of mouth advertising for the business. Did these people help build my business? Of course. In fact, I have helped, in the same way. I have given advise and good recommendations to a number of small business'. I always try to shop small and inject my purchases into business' down main street. I give back in the same manner that I have received.
Even taken in total, should I be upset?

Well sort of. I think he should have chosen his words better. Here's the deal, when you pour your life, time, money, blood, sweat and life force into your business over many years. With the economy in the dumps for 3 years and every month is a fight to keep the doors open. It is hard to keep the faith. I admit there are some times where I just want to get up and walk away. Just say "Screw it" I'm done and yet in the next breath I re-motivate myself to continue the fight. I don't know where the motivation comes from, perhaps it is more stubbornness or ego. I'm not sure.

So when anyone, including the President of the United States makes a speech and says that I didn't build that. I do take offense. I don't know if the economy is his fault or if anything he has done will solve Americas problems. Only time will tell. I do know that in my slice of America things are tough, business is sluggish but I made my choices and I lay blame on no one. I am an American; when the going gets tough the tough get going. When shoved down we pull ourselves up by our boot straps and work even harder.

Let me set the record straight on this point, I will NOT vote for Obama nor am I happy with the republican offering. In conclusion, I think that South Park said it best when making fun of the 2004 Presidential election:

It is always a choice between a Douche bag and a Turd Sandwich.

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