Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bullied Bus Monitor and Punishment?

I have to comment on this situation.  Apparently, a Bus Monitor was taunted on a school bus by some of the kids.  Here is the video that was taken by another kid while the bullying was occurring.

Now I am not saying that what occurred was right.  It was mean and disgusting.  What I want to comment on here is the events that followed.  Specifically the fund created to send this lady on vacation.  Which in itself makes sense.  We should collect $5,000 and send her on a nice vacation.  Although I still do not believe that is acceptable I would not argue for or against it.

What did happen was a total of $600,000 + was collected from all over America...... REALLY!  In just a few days this money was given.  Probably in $5 or $10 small donations.

My question here is ...... Why?  I mean, after all, there was no physical injury.  She is in charge of the bus.  Isn't it her job to keep the bus kids in order?  Her job is to control this exact situation.  So let's analyze this,  Some questions we need to ask:

1.  Are you the right person for the job?
2.  Did you do your job?

I mean to say that if I am hired to control kids on a bus, hence the title 'Bus Monitor'.  This isn't a one-time occurrence, she lost control of these kids way before this incident.  What should have happened?  Well at the beginning of the school year, keep a tight rein on the kids.  Report anything that seems like the beginning stages of bullying to the proper channels.  Perhaps it is a lack of training or maybe the fact that she just shows up to collect a paycheck and doesn't really want or need to understand what bullying is.  A case in point is during an interview with her she said that she did not even realize it was going on at the time of the video.

This people is in fact what is wrong with America today.  So in conclusion of this rant I would like to state that what should have happened was that the kids that were doing the bullying should be punished, perhaps a summer of mowing grass and pulling weeds in this lady's yard every week as well as working in community service of picking up trash on the roads and parks.  Then, the school district should fire this bus monitor and hire someone that can do the job.

I'm not saying that those kids were right in what they did.  I am just saying that the bus monitor allowed it to grow to the situation.

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