Friday, September 28, 2012

The Independent Unknown and the Anti-Incumbent Party

According to this article the media is ignoring the independent voters.  Many years ago when George W. Bush was in his first term, I changed my political affiliation on my voter card to independent.  I do not participate in any political polls or surveys.  The media would have you believe that we do not exist.  Most likely because it would show Romney leading in the polls.

As everyone that reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I am really in the Anti-incumbent Party.  This may be a group of only one.  Our party line is: "Just Vote for the other guy (gal)."  Our goal is to clean out the deadwood in Congress and the Whitehouse.  Do this in each and every election.  If we were to follow this logic here is what I think would happen.  The first thing would be that all the Career Politicians would be out and have to live in the Real World.  Perhaps we would even find that our leaders would understand that they only have a short time to get anything done.  This would prompt them to do the best thing for our country at that very moment.  Suddenly political sides would evaporate.  Of course, this is only a dream.

However my point is that I feel that the media needs to start taking a hard look at their so called facts and take into account all of America.  The Independents of this country might just give Romney a landslide victory.  Plus you never know how big the Anti-incumbent party has become.