Friday, November 16, 2012

Earning in New America

Hopefully you have read my blog post regarding The New America.  It's all about learning the system and working that system.  By system, I mean the government's various entitlement programs.  In my post I talk about 'unreported cash'.  In this new economy we will be paying higher taxes on our income.  Usually when we earn money, it is by having a job and getting a paycheck every week or two.  This money is called 'reported cash'.  The government gets a piece of it.  So the question is; How do we get our cash so that it is 'unreported'?

Earning 'Unreported Cash'

There are a million ways to earn cash that is unreported.  The idea here is to get paid in hard cold CASH.  No checks, no receipts whatsoever.  So you get paid with cash.  The nice thing about cash is that it is anonymous.  You can spend it anywhere you like and no one asks any questions.  In fact the people that you pay with cash are probably not reporting they were paid.  Again, 'unreported cash'.

To earn cash you need to have a skill like repairing cars, computers, painting houses, building things for people, or sell drugs.  It can be anything that someone is willing to pay you cash for the service.  I would venture to say that the people paying you in cash are using 'unreported cash'.  Hopefully you are following the cycle here.

Spending 'Unreported Cash'   

You have to be careful how you spend this cash.  Never pay for anything with cash that is traceable.  Traceable things include your electric bill, Credit Card payments, mortgage payments, basically anything that leaves a paper trail.  All Uncle Sam has to do is follow the paper.  Here are some things that you can safely spend your 'unreported cash' on:

  • Food (you eat it - its gone - whose to say you ever had it)
  • Gas for the car (Again you use it - its gone - whose to say you ever had it)
  • Vacations
  • Repair work on cars and homes
  • Hookers and strip clubs (need I say more)
  • Shoes and Clothes
  • Dining out
  • Go to the Movies
Basically anything that does not leave a paperwork trail.  

Benefits of not reporting all your income

There are some hidden benefits of reporting less income every year.  For every $1000 of 'unreported cash' that you earn means that you do not have to pay the tax on the money.  Now if you are in the 28% tax bracket that means you do not have to pay $280 in tax.  In addition, by reporting less income on your tax forms you will be placed in a lower tax bracket.  Not to mention the fact that you may become eligible for more entitlement programs like Food stamps, Welfare, and Section 8 help.

Its a Win - Win situation

Lets face it, everyone wins.  You win because you are saving that higher income tax.  The person that you are paying now has 'unreported cash' and in turn can spend it.  The New Economy grows because now there is more cash flowing.  This cash can help create jobs even perhaps reportable income jobs.  Let's face facts, lower taxes, less government involvement and more money in consumers hands means a healthy thriving economy.

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