Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Can you say Entitlement Generation?

Are we a "Nation of Wimps"?  According to that article Americans have shielded their kids to the point of insanity.  The article dives into how parents will go to just about any means to protect their kids from bad grades, even through College.  Needless to say I have written numerous articles about the Entitlement Generation.  I have also written about the bane of Cell Phones.  An interesting section of the Wimps article was regarding Cellphone use and College students:

"Think of the cell phone as the eternal umbilicus. One of the ways we grow up is by internalizing an image of Mom and Dad and the values and advice they imparted over the early years. Then, whenever we find ourselves faced with uncertainty or difficulty, we call on that internalized image. We become, in a way, all the wise adults we've had the privilege to know. "But cell phones keep kids from figuring out what to do," says Anderegg. "They've never internalized any images; all they've internalized is 'call Mom or Dad.'""

Basically when a problem arises, "let me call mom and or dad."  Never really taking on the responsibility of making a decision.  This forces the Parents into defense mode for their kids.  When they get a bad grade they call Mommy who thinks she should get involved by calling the University.  Apparently it is so bad at Harvard that 95% of the students graduate with honors just so that there will be no Parent repercussions.  Perhaps this can be the reason that teens tend to text while driving.  I'm sure we have all seen the scary texting while driving commercials:

It is a real problem that seems to stem from the attitude that "We want it now" and "We want it fast."  after all they are entitled to it.

We can even see the problem in the selection of the Rutgers Athletic director Julie Hermann.  The root of the problem is that students in Tennessee claim that 16 years ago Ms Hermann ruled by intimidation and emotional distress.  She was accused of name calling and basically verbally bulling the athletes.  Funny how this is the only allegation over the past 16 years.  Could it be that Ms Hermann did not cater to their spoiled lifestyles and actually expected them to practice and do well?  She wanted to WIN! She wanted a 1st place trophy.  Did those athletes call Mommy and Daddy?

The future of our society seems to be destined for failure.  A society where politically correctness, watered down leadership, and participation awards to all that play will be the norm.  Where adults no longer can make decisions for themselves and after Mommy and Daddy die they will rely on the Government.  We will eventually all be treated the same and just because you are a star does not warrant you to have special privileges.  Even the lowest level employee or athlete will be treated the same as the highest producers and performers.  Resulting in finally discouraging any superstar performances creating a mediocre America.  Need I remind you of the New America?

Its not too late for change.  Its not too late to fix the problem.  Parents need to take responsibility for their children creating an environment of discipline and responsibility.  Control any an all external devices your kids use or your destined to be controlled by those devices.

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