Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook and Google+ Rants and Raves

Well you know that I have to say something about Facebook and Google+.  Both have their good and bad points.  I want to tell you my take on Facebook first then I will go into Google+.  You should know upfront that I understand why they are popular (I will expand on this later).  I just want to say that somewhere between Americans being self sufficient and keeping to themselves and the advent of Cell Phones people have gotten very ignorant.

In any case Facebook was and still is a great idea.  It is great to connect with people that you would not be able to find otherwise, like old classmates, friends and other significant others.  With the Smartphone however, facebook has become a venue of telling us everything minute about the pathetic lives that some people lead.  Quite frankly I do not want to know that you wiped your ass.  Or that you hate mondays.  I really don't care and I eliminate those people from my list.  Keep in mind that the people that do this are a minority.  Since they are the only ones posting this crap it can seem like everyone.  I notice that 5 to 10 friends are responsible for the bulk of the CRAP that shows up in my news feed.  There should be a Bitch Slap button!

Google+ requires that you be a real person with a real name.  THANK YOU Google.  If I put you in my circle I want to know your real name and that you are proud of it.  A flaw in Facebook creation was the ease by which you could create any profile you want and have as many profiles as you have emails.  Now you could probably do that in Google+ but it would be much more time consuming.  In addition the best thing Google did was keep games a secondary section that does not post to your news feed.  Thank God for that. I do not play many games and if I do I do not post it on the feed.

Here are the rules I follow regarding Facebook and Google+

  1. No religious posts.  I really dont care about your beliefs.
  2. No liberal bull shit.
  3. No General dribble about some mundane fact about your life.
Again break these rules and I block, un-friend or otherwise delete you.  People -- Get a life and go outside, get a Hobby, Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, anything that benefits mankind!  Stop posting crap on the Feeds.

I promised to tell you why I think that people do the Facebook posts.  Its because people have slowly, over the years, become lazy -- hence fat people and their problems.  Lazy people stop trying to figure things out and turn stupid.  Hence STUPID people are are problem with Facebook and to some extent Google plus.

Well that's my Rants and Raves regarding social networking.  If you don't agree I really don't give a crap.

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