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Governor Announces Next Stage of Early Education Efforts

New Reimbursement Rate in Effect for October
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image: Governor MarkellGovernor Jack Markell today announced the start of the next phase of Delaware’s plan to improve the quality of early childhood education. Starting on October 1st, early care and education providers statewide will receive an increased reimbursement rate for caring for children eligible for Delaware’s Purchase of Care system.
“Education can’t begin the first day a child shows up for kindergarten,” said Markell. “Research shows that early education at a early care and education center provides the building blocks for a child’s success. Improving the quality of early education is fundamental for the future of each child and for our state.”
In June, the Legislature approved the Governor’s proposal to invest an additional $22 million to help build stronger staff and encourage stronger services at early childhood education centers.
Because reimbursement rates varied across the state for the Purchase of Care system, which reimburses providers for caring for low-income children, the plan allocated $12 million to increase rates to 65% of the market rate, plus an additional $0.50 per child per day. Providers will receive this new rate when they are reimbursed for October care in November.
The $10 million expansion of the Delaware Stars for Early Success quality rating program, which provides technical and financial assistance to enable centers to achieve quality standards, will also kick off in October.
“Over the past few months, we’ve met with programs involved in Stars and programs that want to get involved,” said Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn. “Early care and education providers want to make sure their kids get the best opportunities. The Stars program provides them with the tools to make that happen.”
Providers that are currently enrolled in the program and have achieved ratings of 3, 4, or 5 Stars will be eligible for higher reimbursement rates of 80%, 90%, or 100% of the market rate.
image: Governor Markell 2Providers that are not yet enrolled may submit applications beginning on Wednesday, October 5th. Providers will be prioritized for participation based on factors such as the percentage of the provider’s childcare slots devoted to Purchase of Care, geographic location, and the ages of children served. More details on the application process will be shared with providers and online next week.
“We’re excited for the opportunity to apply for the program,” said Dayna Moore, owner of Lessons Learned Educational Enrichment Center in Wilmington. “We work hard to provide high-quality care, and this funding could make a big difference in staff retention, hiring, and improving our skills.”
Technical support will be provided by the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood at the University of Delaware. Staring in January 2012, they will be implementing a more flexible ratings system, more hands-on technical assistance, and clearer guidelines for grants.
“The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive,” said Vivian Rapposelli, Secretary of the State Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families (also known as the “Kids Department”). “Our team is working closely with the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Social Services, a wide range of community stakeholders, and providers to make sure our kids are given the best possible start towards achieving their dreams."

The President did WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Here on my blog I give hell to Obama. I have always thought of him as a spineless worm. Well I have news, I still feel that way. However today I learned that he may have gained some status with me..... Huh well let me explain. Before today he was a spineless worm. After I learned that he personally ordered the attack on American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, his worm status has been upgraded to spineless earthworm status.

Here is the article on CNN's website.  So Mr. President today I am not bashing you.  I am actually in agreement with you on this decision.  However don't get used to this praise.  Tomorrow you'll still be a spineless worm.

Delaware Moves To Ban Dangerous Drugs Commonly Known As "Bath Salts"

image: state sealGovernor Jack Markell announced today the state will be moving to ban the dangerous stimulants commonly known "bath salts" to make them illegal in Delaware as soon as tomorrow.
The Controlled Substances Advisory Committee will hold an emergency meeting Friday, September 30, at the request of the Secretary of State, who seeks to exercise his authority to issue an immediate ban on the drugs. Title 16, Section 4713, states the Secretary of State shall place a substance in Schedule I if that substance has high potential for abuse and has no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision.
Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock will be taking an unprecedented step to immediately ban these substances for presenting a clear danger to the public. He plans to exercise his emergency authority to ban three synthetic chemical compounds used to produce “bath salts.” Marketed under names such as “Ivory Wave”, “Purple Wave”, “Vanilla Sky” or “Bliss”, these products are comprised of a class of chemicals which can mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD, MDMA and/or methamphetamine.
“We have every reason to make these drugs illegal,” said Governor Jack Markell. “These drugs present a danger to public safety. They have no legitimate use and can cause incredible damage to the lives of the user and those around the user. Criminalizing the sale and possession of these designer drugs will hopefully reverse their rising popularity and get them out of the hands of potential abusers.”
This action will empower state law enforcement agencies to treat bath salts the same as other harmful illegal drugs, which means those who possess and, more importantly, those who sell bath salts will now face criminal penalties.
“Getting these dangerous substances out of stores and off the streets will make Delaware a safer place,” said Attorney General Beau Biden. “Bath salts are dangerous drugs that have no place in our communities."
Bath salts have become increasingly popular, particularly among teens and young adults, and are sold at places like tobacco shops, gas stations and head shops. The drug can also be bought on the internet. The federal Food and Drug Administration has not approved these chemicals for human consumption or for medical use, and there is no oversight of their manufacture.
Recently discovered data on three of the chemicals used to produce “bath salts” – mephedrone, methylone, and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) – demonstrate that they have a high potential for abuse and currently have no accepted medical use in the United States.
Often smoked, snorted or injected, bath salts can cause impaired perception, hallucinations, reduced motor control, chest pains, disorientation, extreme paranoia, agitation, and violent episodes. They are also believed to have led to numerous suicides.
The Controlled Substances Advisory Committee meeting will take place at 1 p.m. at the Carvel State Office Building, Wilmington, 10th floor. Following the meeting, a news conference will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the Governor’s Office, 12th floor, with the Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General Beau Biden.

Learn all about Bath Salts Source for this link is the Dover Post website.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Delaware Floodplain and Drainage Advisory Committee Begins Work That Will Help Protect Lives And Property From Flooding

image: logo dnrecDelaware’s Floodplain and Drainage Advisory Committee, created as a result of new legislation – Senate Bill 64, recently held its first meeting. The Committee has been charged with developing recommendations for improving floodplain management and drainage that will help protect lives and property from flooding.
With a mean elevation of just 60 feet above sea level, Delaware is especially vulnerable to flooding from rising sea levels and coastal storms. More than 331 square miles of Delaware’s land mass, or about 17 percent, are within a mapped 100 year floodplain. From urban areas to farming communities, flooding and drainage issues affect most Delawareans at one time or another.
“Flooding has been a problem for many Delaware homes and businesses, causing millions of dollars worth of property damage,” said Governor Jack Markell, who signed Senate Bill 64 into law on August 17, 2011. “This law brings together a variety of Delawareans, providing a forum to identify practices that will prevent or minimize flooding. The goal is to let communities and businesses focus on families and jobs instead of dealing with floods.”
State expenditures to resolve flooding and drainage problems have cost taxpayers an estimated $65 million since 1996. Currently, approximately 500 drainage projects remain to be completed throughout the state with an estimated cost of $58 million. In addition, flood insurance claims add millions of dollars a year to that total.
Regulations which govern construction activities in Delaware’s floodplain consist largely of county and municipal regulations adopted to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In many areas, communities have adopted regulations which minimally meet NFIP standards.
“By modernizing outdated standards and codes, Delaware will minimize property damage from flooding and save millions of dollars,” said Secretary O’Mara. “Senate Bill 64 makes it possible to implement minimum protective standards and on-going and long term improvement measures that are consistent across the state.”
Senate Bill 64 directs Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O’Mara to develop guidance and minimum standards for improved floodplain management and drainage based upon the recommendations of the Floodplain and Drainage Advisory Committee. The 21-member committee, comprised of individuals from private and public organizations, as well as state, federal and municipal governments, will evaluate the current capacity of local governments to implement revised floodplain and drainage standards.
“As one of its charges, the Committee will examine whether existing policies and practices provide adequate notifications to prospective property buyers of existing flooding and drainage issues,” said DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship Director Frank Piorko, who also serves as Chair of the Floodplain and Drainage Advisory Committee. “We’ll also discuss the role that smarter construction practices and education play in reducing flood risk and the overall cost of flood insurance.”
DNREC will provide technical assistance to local governments in assessing the standards and will to continue to update floodplain maps. In addition, DNREC’s Secretary is afforded greater flexibility to waive regulatory requirements for emergencies to protect public health and safety and property.
For more information, visit DNREC’s website,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Highway Safety Officials Concerned as Number of Unbelted Traffic Deaths Rise and Statewide Seat Belt Use Rate Falls Slightly

image: highway safety logoDOVER - Highway Safety officials are calling for everyone to tighten their belts – their seat belts that is. The call for everyone to renew their focus on making sure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up comes as a result of great concern over a significant increase in the number of people killed in car crashes this year who were not buckled up.
“We’re asking drivers and passengers to buckle up for safety,” said Governor Jack Markell. “It’s something we can all do when we ride in a vehicle. The more Delawareans wear seat belts, the more injuries we spare and lives we save. It’s that simple.”
Since January 1st, 60% of the 50 drivers and passengers killed in car crashes were not wearing seat belts. This is much higher than at this time in 2010 when the percentage of unrestrained fatalities was 36% of the 50 drivers and passengers who had lost their lives.
Thus far, Males account for the majority (74%) of those unrestrained persons killed, with females making up the remaining 26%. The average age of those males killed was 43, and the average age of the unrestrained females killed was 30. The most common factors in the unrestrained fatal crashes were speeding, failure to negotiate a curve and loss of control of the vehicle, once again indicating that those who don’t wear seat belts tend to be drivers, or passengers who ride with drivers, that exhibit riskier behind the wheel behavior.
“We are very concerned about all the lives that we have lost on Delaware roads this year. The use of seatbelts is a critical part of reducing the number of fatalities in this State,” said Lewis Schiliro, Secretary for Delaware Safety and Homeland Security. “We urge everyone, drivers and passengers, to buckle up. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for someone who loves you, like your parents or children.”
The increase in unrestrained fatalities is mirrored in the slight dip that Office of Highway Safety officials saw in the state’s seat belt use rate this year. Seat belt use surveys conducted in mid-June at the conclusion of the 10th annual Click It or Ticket campaign revealed that the Delaware seat belt use rate fell .4% from 90.7% in 2010 to 90.3% in 2011. Click It or Ticket is a nationwide seat belt enforcement and awareness campaign aimed at saving lives by increasing the number of people who consistently buckle up through the enforcement of each State’s seat belt laws.
“We are taking this situation quite seriously,” said Jana Simpler, Director for the Office of Highway Safety. “It is particularly distressing to see such an increase when we know that buckling your seat belt is one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways to prevent being killed or injured in a crash. We ask everyone to be extra conscientious and buckle up every trip, every time. There are a million excuses as to why people don’t wear a seat belt; is any one of them truly worth risking your life over?”
Delaware law enforcement officers participating in this year’s campaign issued 1,203 citations to unbelted motorists for violating the State’s law. Over the last four years, officers have actually issued fewer and fewer seat belt citations during the Click it or Ticket campaign and Highway Safety Officials believed this to be an indication that more Delaware motorists were buckling up. However, this year that did not turn out to be the case.
Ironically, the only county to see an increase in their seat belt use rate this year, New Castle County, also had the most unrestrained fatalities. New Castle County’s seat belt use rate increased from 89% in 2010 to 90% in 2011, but accounted for 41% of the unrestrained persons killed to date. Sussex County had the lowest seat belt use rate of all three, dropping 3 percentage points to 90% this year, and accounted for 37% of the unrestrained persons killed. Kent County’s use rate also dropped 3 percentage points to 91% and accounted for the remaining 22% of unbelted fatalities.
“Troopers urge motorists to make safety a top priority by properly buckling up,” said Sergeant Paul Shavack, Director of Public Information for Delaware State Police. “Being properly restrained can substantially reduce your risk of being involved and/or injured in a crash. Remember, there is NEVER a good excuse to ride in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt.”
Highway Safety officials are developing additional strategies to increase seat belt use in an effort to prevent further loss of life. These strategies include working with health partners, driver education teachers to promote a “buckle up every trip, every time” message, and may also include stepped up enforcement.
For more information on the “Click It or Ticket” campaign or any of the Office of Highway Safety’s traffic safety initiatives, visit our website at www.ohs.delaware.go or follow us for updates on Twitter .

To the Crazies that knock on my Door -

I want to post this sign on my door.  I am tired of the preacher people knocking on my door to talk to me about religion.  The Jehovah Witnesses are the worst.  I found this website lists exactly what this cult believes.

"According to JW theology, a person has one of three possible destinies. The Anointed (144,000) will be in heaven to reign with Jehovah God. The rest of the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses (not of the 144,000) will live forever on a paradise Earth. Both of these classifications are determined to a great extent on membership in the Watchtower organization as well as going door-to-door spreading the message of the Watchtower. Those people who are not members of the Watchtower organization will be destroyed by Jehovah God and cease to exist. There is no concept of eternal punishment or hell in Watchtower theology (Let God Be True, pp. 90-95, 289). They also believe that men will have a second chance, after death, to be saved."

Really, only 144,000 will be in heaven?  So my guess is that if I believed then heaven is already full, so i am stuck on paradise Earth.  Dam I missed the boat!

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To the Concerned Citizens of America....

Dear Concerned Citizens of America,  STOP and THINK!

The Anti-Incumbent party has grown since I last wrote you that we should join forces and change things.  If you haven't noticed Obama is losing favor among the young.  Which was who pushed him into office.  So in the spirit of this new youth movement I am proud that we do learn from our mistakes.  So my message today relates to actually looking around and opening your eyes.  Not only do you need to watch the internet and see what your friends are saying.  You also need to actually talk to people.  Talk to the candidates face to face.  Cain proved that in Florida people did want to meet him and shake his hand.

Maybe we have a new movement in this country to actually stop texting, facebooking and otherwise come out of our caves to see the real America.  Maybe we will actually meet and greet the candidates.  We can then see what idiots we have in Washington.  I have said it before and I will say it again:

Democrats - It is not the Tea Party's fault that nothing can get done!
Republicans - It is not the President that is causing your disagreements
Tea Party - Stop praying and get to work on compromising for the good of the country.

Remember it is not what you want that you are fighting for, it is what the country wants and needs.  This continual political fighting over the everyday business of Washington is getting old and fast.  Get past your petty differences and get to work.  Otherwise we will replace you.  We will Vote for the Other Guy (gal)!

Capital One Agrees to Create 500 Delaware Jobs

Capital One has committed to expanding its Delaware workforce by 500 jobs, Governor Jack Markell, Delaware’s Congressional Delegation and Delaware Economic Development Office Director Alan Levin announced this morning.
“Capital One is a bank on the move, actively expanding its workforce and offerings. There are talented, driven and experienced Delawareans ready to get to work each day to help them move forward,” Markell said. “Delaware understands and appreciates the critical importance of a strong financial services industry – both to our state and to the strength of our national economy. Capital One’s decision reflects our commitment to this important industry.”
The bank cited the state’s responsiveness, the quality of its workforce, its public officials’ active involvement in recruiting them and Delaware’s commitment to their industry as some of the factors that contributed to their decision to choose Delaware for expansion.
"We’re incredibly excited about coming to Delaware. We expect to bring hundreds of new, high quality jobs to the state and to become an active and engaged part of the Delaware business community,” said Richard D. Fairbank, Chairman and CEO of Capital One.
In June, Capital One announced its plans to acquire Delaware-headquartered ING Direct USA for $9 billion. In August, Capital One subsequently announced its plans to acquire HSBC’s domestic credit card business in a transaction valued at approximately $2.6 billion. HSBC's domestic card business also employs Delawareans. The 500 jobs announced today would be in addition to all of the ING and HSBC employees that would become Capital One employees after the acquisitions.
“The people of ING Direct are amazingly talented and they have created a special company and customer experience. Working with ING Direct's people, we are confident we can help them build on that success and continue to grow the franchise and expand our Delaware operations. The support of Governor Markell, his administration, and Delaware's congressional delegation, Senator Carper, Senator Coons and Congressman Carney, has been instrumental in our decision to bring additional jobs to Delaware."
As part of the expansion agreement, Capital One will receive a Delaware Strategic Fund Job Creation Incentive of $5.6 million dollars and a Capital Improvements and Equipment Cash Incentive equal to 3 percent of the total capital expenditures the bank makes for their new Wilmington facility, up to a maximum rebate of $1.5 million dollars. The funding is contingent on approval by the Council on Development Finance. It is also subject to the final approval and closing of the acquisition of the company's planned acquisitions of ING Direct and HSBC. Under the agreement, the 500 new jobs must be in place by December 2013.
“Capital One recognized the value of our existing industry and talented workforce,” said Levin. “With the state’s investment, we will secure the company’s commitment to our state, resulting in hundreds of jobs for Delawareans.”
Delaware’s Congressional Delegation were active advocates on the state’s behalf as Capital One considered where to make this move. Each made clear the value to the bank in choosing the First State and each today offered strong support of the bank’s decision.
“This is welcome news for Delawareans and our community,” said Senator Tom Carper. “In a time where thousands of Delawareans are unemployed, I am encouraged that Capital One has decided to expand its operation to Delaware and invest in the First State and its strong workforce, creating hundreds of good-paying jobs. The Governor’s and his team’s leadership on this is to be commended. Capitol One has the opportunity to build on the strong foundation that ING Direct started ING Direct has made a far-reaching impact in the Delaware community and we look forward to Capital One continuing this tradition.”
"Delaware's workforce is among the most talented in the world, so Capital One's decision to expand here is a smart one," Senator Chris Coons said. "Still, this is exciting news for Delaware. These are high-quality, high-paying jobs — the kind that we are constantly working to bring here. I thank Governor Markell for his leadership in bringing these jobs to Delaware, and will continue to work with him and my colleagues in the delegation to create even more of these job opportunities here in Delaware."
"I was very pleased to learn that not only would all of ING's positions in Delaware be retained through the merger, but that an additional 500 good quality, well-paying jobs would be added to our workforce," said Congressman Carney. "The announcement of these new jobs coming to Delaware is testament to the strong partnerships that ING, Capital One, and all levels of government in the state have been able to maintain. ING has always been an excellent corporate citizen in Delaware, and I look forward to a similar relationship with our new partners at Capital One."
“Delaware is blessed to have one of the hardest working delegations in the nation. They make clear every day that a critical part of their work is helping people get to work. They helped make the case to Capital One that Delaware is a great place to grow a business,” Markell said.
About Capital One
Capital One Financial Corporation ( is a financial holding company whose subsidiaries, which include Capital One, N.A. and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., had $126.1 billion in deposits and $199.8 billion in total assets outstanding as of June 30, 2011. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Capital One offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients. Capital One, N.A. has approximately 1,000 branch locations primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. A Fortune 500 company, Capital One trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "COF" and is included in the S&P 100 index.

Delaware Requests Disaster Designations for Hurricane Irene Damage

Requests To Federal Government Would Enable Loans To Affected Businesses and Homeowners In New Castle and Kent Counties, As Well As Reimbursement to Governments and Non-Profits In Kent and Sussex
image: state seal
Governor Jack Markell is requesting federal disaster status for Delaware in the wake of Hurricane Irene that will make businesses, homeowners, state and local governments and non-profits eligible for two types of federal help in different parts of the state. The requests are based on areas that met federally mandated thresholds for disaster assistance.
Gov. Markell sent a letter to the Small Business Administration late Friday requesting a major declaration of physical disaster for New Castle County. This designation, if granted, would make businesses and building owners as well as homeowners and renters eligible for low-interest SBA loans for repair and replacement. The SBA loans would be available both in New Castle County and in Kent County, since it is contiguous to New Castle.
If the SBA approves the designation as expected, it would open a temporary office in Delaware to help businesses and homeowners apply for the low-interest loans.
Only New Castle County met the criteria for the SBA designation, which is major damage to a minimum of 25 homes and businesses resulting in uninsured losses of 40 percent or more of the estimated fair replacement value of pre-disaster market value of the damaged property.
Governor Markell also sent a request to the President Monday for a Major Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance funding in Kent and Sussex Counties. This declaration would make state and local governments and certain private non-profits involved in storm response eligible to be reimbursed for 75 percent of response, rebuilding, and cleanup costs.
The request for FEMA reimbursement for government and non-profit response was based on meeting federal thresholds of $1.14 million in costs statewide as well as $644,664 for Sussex and $534,024 in Kent. The threshold of $1.76 million in costs for New Castle County to be eligible was not reached.
These requests are in addition to an emergency declaration received by Delaware on Sunday, August 28 that provided direct federal support from FEMA for immediate response.
“Delaware was relatively fortunate with regard to the damage wrought by Hurricane Irene, but DEMA, working with other state agencies, the county and local governments and with representatives of both FEMA and SBA, have worked to identify enough damage to make some parts of the state eligible for some types of assistance,” Gov. Markell said.
Delaware did not reach a damage level in any county that would have allowed application for direct FEMA grants to owners of damaged homes, known as “individual assistance.” That threshold is 173 homes in each county destroyed or suffering major damage. The nearby states of Maryland and Virginia also did not meet the threshold for individual assistance, though other states with more extensive damage to homes from Hurricane Irene did.
Letters Posted Online:

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Greatest Play in Baseball 1976

I think this video says it all!

Very Brave Man Jokes

(Brave can be replaced by “stupid” if your wife sees this)

How do you turn a fox into an elephant?
Marry It!

What is the difference between a battery and a woman?
A battery has a positive side. 

Why is the space between a woman's breasts and her hips called a waist?
Because you could easily fit another pair of tits in there..

How do you make 5 pounds of fat look good?
Put a nipple on it.

Why do women fake orgasms ?
Because they think men care. 

If your wife keeps coming out of the kitchen to nag at you, what have you done wrong?
Made her chain too long

Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman?
Because a woman who can't even afford a washing  machine will probably never be able to support you. 

Why do women have smaller feet than men?
It's one of  those 'evolutionary things' that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sin

Why do men pass gas more than women?

Because women can't shut up long enough to build up the required pressure. 

If your dog  is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at  the front door, who do you let  in first ?
The dog, of course. He'll shut up once you let him in.

Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex drive by 90%..
It's called a Wedding Cake.

Why do men die before their wives?
They want to.  

Governor’s Weekly Message A Life of Service – Remembering Sergeant Szczerba

 In his weekly message, Governor Markell speaks to the dedication of first responders, especially remembering the service of New Castle County Police officer, Sergeant Joseph Szczerba, whose life was tragically cut short in the line of duty when he was stabbed after chasing a suspect.
“What defines you, our state’s first responders?” asked the Governor. “ Purpose and meaning. Strength and service. Choosing to run towards, not away, from danger ….because it’s your job. Because it’s your calling…..knowing all along that some may not take the time to think of the daily sacrifice you make, of the daily risks you run, or the threats you may face.”
This week, state flags were lowered to honor the life of Sgt. Szczerba, who served for 18 years on the New Castle County Police Force. On Wednesday, county officials awarded posthumous honors to Sergeant Szczerba promoting him to lieutenant.
“We grieve for his family, his friends, his fellow officers. His death is a tragedy but his life an inspiration. When we think of him today, and when he is remembered for years to come, let us reflect on his strength, let us recall his courage and let us answer with the clarity and conviction he commanded each day,” said the Governor. “ The call to serve - to work each day, to achieve in each of our own, limited lives, a measure of the difference he made is to keep this great state moving forward. Sergeant Szczerba – we will remember you.”
About the Governor’s Weekly Message:
At noon every Friday, a new video message is posted to the Governor’s website and YouTube channel and is distributed to Delaware media outlets.   Transcripts of the messages are posted and the audio version of the Governor’s message is available on iTunes as a podcast for distribution to personal MP3 players and home computers.   The Governor’s weekly message is currently being carried on the air and posted on websites by various media outlets, and the direct link is:=
Constituents, media outlets and others are free to link to the Governor’s video message on YouTube -  - or on his Facebook page - or on the Delaware State website at .  All are also invited to follow him on Twitter - - and submit ideas through

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Summit Aviation Unveils New Hanger and Paint Facility

Company Plans to Hire More Workers
image: dedoMiddletown, Del. (September 22, 2011) – Delaware Economic Development Office officials and Summit Aviation employees celebrated the unveiling of the company’s new 78,000 square-foot expansion today.
“This expansion allows us to now provide additional maintenance capacity and capabilities for our Operators,” said President of Summit Aviation Robert Fitzpatrick. “It also demonstrates our commitment to the State of Delaware to provide a safe and worthwhile workplace for employees.”
Summit Aviation, a Greenwich AeroGroup Company, was established in 1960 and has been a full service Federal Aviation Administration Certified Repair Station since 1966. Summit broke ground on its 550-acre site on June 9, 2010 for the development, which includes a 37,400 square-foot hangar, 9,200 square-foot paint facility, two cold storage units and an additional 11,400 square-feet of support and office space.
“For more than 50 years, Summit Aviation has earned a positive reputation for its service,” said Delaware Governor Jack Markell. “Both now and for decades to come, these new facilities will keep people hard at work building on that legacy.”
Summit’s parent company, Greenwich AeroGroup, has invested $12 million in capital since acquiring the facility in 2008. DEDO awarded Summit a performance-based grant from the Delaware Strategic Fund in the amount of $1.36 million to help the company expand the site and add up to 188 new jobs over a three year time period.
“We were proud to support Summit Aviation’s investment in Delaware,” said DEDO Director Alan Levin. With the completion of this project, the company will hire more Delaware workers to fulfill its increased demand for aviation maintenance and service work.”
To date, Summit Aviation has added 31 to its workforce as a result of the expansion.
About the Delaware Economic Development Office
DEDO is an executive state agency responsible for attracting new investors and businesses to the state, promoting the expansion of existing industry, assisting small and minority-owned businesses, promoting and developing tourism and creating new and improved employment opportunities for all citizens of the State. Visit Follow DEDO on Facebook or Twitter @DEDOgov.

Summit Aviation
Located in Middletown, Delaware, the company offers aircraft and engine maintenance and modification services on Bell, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Boeing and MD helicopters as well as on Pilatus, Cessna, Beechcraft King Airs, Beechjets and other light jet model aircraft. The company also provides engine maintenance and support to its customers which include Pratt & Whitney, Turbomeca, and others.
About Greenwich AeroGroup
Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc., located in Greenwich, Conn., owns and operates providers of general, commercial, government and military aviation services including: maintenance, avionics and interior refurbishments; fixed base operations; aircraft sales, charter and management; manufacturing and engineering; component repair and overhaul; and parts distribution. Current locations include: Atlantic Aero, Inc., located at Piedmont-Triad International Airport in Greensboro, N.C.; Western Aircraft, Inc., located at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho; Summit Aviation, Inc., located at Summit Airport in Middletown, Del.; DAC International, Inc., located in Austin, Texas; Matrix Aviation, Inc., located in Wichita, Kan.; Professional Aviation Associates, Inc., located in Atlanta, Ga.; Professional Aircraft Accessories, Inc., located in Titusville, Fla.; NASAM, Inc., located in San Francisco, Calif., and GCCUS Inc. located in Aptos, Calif. News and information are available at

DPH Receives Top Scores For Public Health Preparedness

Delaware’s Division of Public Health scored 98 out of 100 in a national report on public health preparedness programs released Sept. 20. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s report, “Public Health Preparedness: 2011 State-by-State Update on Laboratory Capabilities and Response Readiness Planning” also shows that the Delaware Public Health Laboratory passed all four proficiency tests and received 100 percent on using advanced DNA tests to correctly identify a strain of E. coli.
The new report features national-level data on activities from 2007- 2010 in the 50 states and four localities supported by the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement.
“The scores show that our Division of Public Health is serving Delaware citizens well," said Governor Jack Markell. "A strong state public health system is vital to our wellbeing. This report tells us Delaware is ready to respond to unexpected health threats that no one ever wants to see happen, but we need to be perpetually prepared for."
“I’m very proud of DPH’s performance,” said Dr. Karyl Rattay, DPH director. “The ability to detect and respond to health threats, whether confined to a limited area or widespread such as the one featured in the current movie ‘Contagion,’ depends on the availability of laboratory equipment, a trained workforce, accurate and consistent methods, and rapid data systems. We have all the right pieces in place.”

“Contagion” is a movie thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak. Life and death situations and heroic scientists battling against time and heavy odds to track the source of killer diseases and contain them before they wipe out entire communities are not just movie plots. It’s what the CDC and state public health agencies prepare for every day.
DPH's review scores are as follows:
  • Developing a Plan with Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Elements- 100
  • Management of Strategic National Stockpile - 100
  • Requesting Strategic National Stockpile - 100
  • Communications Plan (Tactical) - 100
  • Public Information & Communication - 100
  • Security - 100
  • Receipt/Store/Stage - 94
  • Controlling Inventory - 92
  • Repackaging - 100
  • Distribution - 100
  • Dispensing Prophylaxis - 100
  • Hospital & Alternate Care Facilities Coordination - 100
  • Training Exercise and Evaluation - 100
In addition to its 98 percent average, the local jurisdiction received a 98 percent average on its Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) jurisdiction preparedness assessment.
To see the complete report, go to

Delaware Only State To Meet Benchmarks In Cancer

Delaware leads the nation in enacting cancer laws and policies that save lives and money, according to a report by the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). The report "How Do You Measure Up? A Progress Report on State Legislative Activity to Reduce Cancer Incidence and Mortality" ranks Delaware the highest in state policies in five cancer priority areas: breast and cervical cancer early detection program funding; colorectal screening coverage laws; smoke-free laws; tobacco prevention program funding; and tobacco taxes.
"We are moving forward in the fight against cancer," said Governor Jack Markell. "In public policies and in personal lives, we must continually support prevention, early detection and healthy lifestyles. Many have confronted this disease with courage and we are committed to making progress in their name."
Since its establishment in 2001, the Delaware Cancer Consortium, made up of volunteers from all walks of life, has worked with policymakers to establish innovative programs that increase access to services, improve affordability and quality of life, resulting in significant declines in cancer rates in Delaware.
"I'm pleased to learn that our policymakers efforts and the hard work of the Consortium continue to be recognized," said Dr. Karyl Rattay, DPH director. "DPH will work tirelessly to maintain Delaware as a trend setter in the fight against cancer."
Delaware's accomplishments in the five legislative areas included in the Aug. 11 report are as follows:
  • State appropriations for breast and cervical cancer screening programs: More than half of the funding for Delaware's breast and cervical cancer screening programs - $1,562,473 - is provided by the Delaware General Assembly. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide $1,063,668. Because of this significant support, Delaware has seen the percentage of breast cancers diagnosed in the late stage decrease from 52 percent for 1980-1984 to 34 percent for 2003-2007.
  • Insurance coverage for colorectal cancer screening: Delaware has strong screening laws that ensure comprehensive coverage for the full range of tests. These include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, mammography and clinical breast exam, Pap test, HPV test, prostate specific antigen and others. The 2010 Behavior Risk Factor Survey indicated that colorectal cancer screening rates increased by 32 percent, from 56 percent in 1999 to 74 percent in 2010. The number of colorectal cancers diagnosed in the local stage also increased from 32 percent for 1980-1984 to 39 percent for 2003-2007.
  • Smoke-free legislation at state, county and city levels: Delaware is 100 percent smoke-free in non-hospitality workplaces, restaurants, and bars.
  • Funding for tobacco prevention: Delaware's FY 2011 state funding of $8.3 million was 59.5 percent of the CDC’s recommended funding level of $13.9 million for Delaware. Only seven states were funded at levels 50 percent or higher for their respective states.
  • Tobacco taxes: Delaware’s cigarette tax rate of $1.60 per pack is above the current average state tax of $1.46 per pack.
For more information on cancer treatment services call the Delaware Helpline at 2-1-1. Call the Delaware QuitLine, 1-866-409-1858, for help to quit smoking.
For state-by-state details of the complete report, please visit:
d in Aptos, Calif. News and information are available at

We should be Proud?????

Lets see now.... President Obama's Accomplishments

  • Bow to the Saudi King - Check
  • Push Healthcare Doctrine down America's Throat - Check
  • Slowly shape Democracy into a Socialist State - Check
  • Increase the National Debt - Check
  • Break the American Spirit - Check
  • And finally DIS the Mongolian President - Check

We should be so proud

Obama's Bucket List

  1. Raise Taxes
  2. Kill Jobs
  3. Increase regulation on small business

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emergence of the Anti-incumbent party

I have to talk about this.  The never ending crap that Congress and the President crank out on a daily basis. I am talking about the personal attacks and political play each party contributes to.  I am not pointing the finger at any one party.  Everyone from the Tea Party, Democrats and including the Republicans are to blame.  We  need to have a conversation where everyone sits down and talks things out.  Enough of this close minded crap.

Guess what Democrats, We do not want higher taxes but realize it must be done.

Guess what Republicans, We want lower taxes but realize that we need to fund the government programs.

Guess what Tea Party, You can't pray your way out of this mess!

So, as you might have figured out I am done with them all!  They have not done anything to fix the problems or, for that matter even came up with reasonable solutions.  I, however, have the solution.  My solution changes the makeup of Congress and basically Washington DC in general.  How about we just not vote for the guy currently in office.  WHAT?  That's right, I am talking about voting for the other guy.

When you enter that voting booth simply chose the other guy, the guy or gal for that matter that is challenging the incumbent candidate.  After all, they haven't been doing their jobs as of yet.  Ask yourself this important question: (After all we are American)

"Has the person in office done a good job?"

Look at his job performance just like your Boss would look at your performance.  In fact use the performance sheet that your boss uses to evaluate your performance at work.  You say you don't have a job?  Well that should help you answer the question even faster.

My proposal is that all Americans should join a new party, the Anti-incumbent party.  Joining is really easy and absolutely FREE.  Just vote for the other guy (gal).  That's right, simply vote the current politician that holds the office out of office.  I can't say this will solve all of our problems but maybe... just maybe, they will actually talk to each other as normal American should.  We might then actually have some solutions come out of Washington that make sense and will actually work.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The military isn't just the guys with the big guns...

Maybe I should've written this rant a couple of days ago when it happened so that it truly would've been a rant.  However, I think it would've required a decent amount of censorship if I wrote it then…

Over the weekend I visited a fast food establishment.  I won't name names, but lets just say it isn't open on Sundays and promotes with cows saying "eat mor chikin."  Almost all locations of this particular establishment offer a military discount.  This particular location informed me that their military discount is only for military…the ones with the white active duty ID and a uniform, not the dependents with the pink ID.  This infuriated me so much that I left, without purchasing the sandwiches for my kids.  I then went and bought burgers at another location (one that offers no military discount).

The issue wasn't about having to pay a little bit more for the food.  It was the principle behind them not issuing me the discount because I don't wear a uniform and shoot the bad guy.  The military isn't just the guys with the big guns….

I am the military.  My children are the military.  Although I may not put my life on the front lines like my husband, I make sacrifices for the freedoms of this country on a daily basis….sacrifices that most people would not be willing to make.  Yes, I married a military man so the sacrifices I make were my choice.  However, it upsets me when my role is dismissed and basically deemed completely unimportant.

Yes, a great deal of my role is as a cheerleader and moral supporter for my husband when he is deployed overseas (kind of a reason for him to keep doing the job he is there to do and knowing he has someone waiting for him at home).  The military is a family, we all support each other.  Just like a real family, we might not all like each other, but we pull together and support each other when we need it.  I don't just support my husband, I support his friends and their families too.  It is a role I am proud to have, however, it can be a trying role.

I have been a military spouse for twelve years.  In those years, I have spent 50% of my marriage separated from my husband, I have given birth to a child with my husband literally on the other side of the world, I have been a single-parent for half my childrens' lives…all in support of our country.  I have spent late nights comforting friends who miss their husbands, being a shoulder to cry on for a friend who miscarried during her husbands deployment, and watching a friend's children so that they can have their first day "off" in months…all in support of our country.  I don't talk to my husband for days, have sleepless nights worrying whether or not he is okay, pray I never have to hear the dreaded knock of the door at 2am, all while assuring my children that Daddy is fine and misses them too…all in support of our country.  If the military tells us to, my children and I are ready to move anywhere in the world, leaving behind schools, jobs, friends, and our home…all in support of our country.  My children are 50% more likely than non-military children to join the military (either as an active duty member or as a supportive military spouse), meaning my family will more than likely continue actively support our country for years after my husband is no longer a gun-toting member of the military.

I love my family (near, far, and unrelated)…I love my country…and I am beyond proud of my husband.  I would change nothing, and would not hesitate to choose this path as my life again.

I generally don't harp on the  military spouse soapbox, but this time I was making an exception.  Having my sacrifices belittled and to basically tell me that what I do for our military doesn't count, well, quite frankly, it pisses me off…

Contributed by J.L.Quick of The Military Is My Husband's Mistress
A copy of this blog has been sent to the above listed establishment…I will update if I hear anything back.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Governor’s Weekly Message to Delawareans


In his weekly message, Governor Markell talks about employers and educators wanting the same thing: for students to graduate from our public schools ready to succeed.
“In the schools and the majority of Delaware businesses that I visit, I hear the same wish: for our kids to graduate and be able to build upon the hard work, great teaching, and high expectations from their parents, teachers, school districts and state,” said Governor Markell.  “Because when companies can move their jobs to another country, we are in a critical race with other nations.”
Last year was the first full school year since winners were announced of another Race, the federal government’s Race-to-the-Top competition for education reform, where the federal Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his team looked at states’ plans to improve their public schools and awarded additional resources to make those changes possible.  In Delaware,  Race-to-the-Top support is helping to fund plans we had underway to make significant changes in underperforming schools – schools that  are now part of our Partnership Zones.
“By giving teachers more time to collaborate across subject areas; by putting data coaches in schools to help teachers evaluate how they can best help students and by engaging with parents and families, we are making progress,” said the Governor. “This race for our economic future is neither quick, nor easy but the direction is clear and we are running hard together  - teachers and students, parents and principals, administrators and Delaware’s employers to make sure our schools and our state  keep moving forward.”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Support this Bill if you Love me? Really....

Well the day has begun and as usual there is not a lack of Obama stuff to talk about.  In this video of the President giving a speech, he is asking people to support his Jobs bill if we love him.  If you love me you will help me.  In the speech there is nothing about how it is good for America, If you are an American you will support this bill.  Simply wants us to support the Bill if we love him.

No President Obama I do not love you.  Do I support the Bill, I don't know yet.  I need to read it....... I think we should read anything that you put up for vote.  Look what happened when we had the Healthcare bill.  Nancy Pelosi stated that we need to just pass the bill to find out what was in it.........

So here it is a link to read the American Jobs Act .  Read it, No there will not be a test later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Entertaining Morning....

This morning I came to work.  Sat down at my desk, turned on my computer.  My usual routine results in opening my twitter screen, facebook screen, and my blogs screen.  My first message on twitter was a reference to the tag #AttackWatch.  I found myself reading the tweets with that tag.  Must admit it was entertaining.....for a conservative.  This tag references this website - Attackwatch which is Obama trying to reply to all the "smear campaigns" by arming people with the "Truth".  Hey guess what Obama, I think you are getting more negative responses on Twitter.  You need to answer all the responses on that twitter tag!

Now if this wasn't enough to keep me entertained for the rest of the week.  I received a link to a YouTube Video.  Now I must admit that it is hard to determine exactly what Michelle Obama is whispering to the President but both of their facial expressions should say it all.  Here is the video:

The person that uploaded this video had this to say in his comments:

"When we spotted this, we were watching the coverage LIVE on a 65" HD tv. You couldn't deny it if u wanted to... I admit, it is hard to see on a 6" youtube screen, but u STILL have to be in denial to refuse her obvious disgusted facial expression............."

I leave it to you to decide what was said.  I know what I saw.

For your reading enjoyment, here is a screen shot of the tweets from #attackwatch :

Hey I can't make this kinda stuff up!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Can't believe this Judges ruling!

If you haven't had a chance.  Read this article which is about how employees cannot be fired for complaining about their jobs on Facebook.  

To save you the time required to read the entire article here is a quote:

"Five workers fired for complaining about their jobs on Facebook will go back to work after the National Labor Relations Board ruled in their favor, affirming workers can safely vent their frustrations about the workplace on social networks."

So basically this is the government telling me who I can fire or not fire and when I do it.  Hmm.  Let me clue everyone in.  If I deem it necessary I will fire anyone and everyone that works for me.  There will be a very nice paper trail that details all the mistakes these people have made.  In fact I will lay off anyone I care to lay off without explanation.  Just simply your services are not needed any longer.  Or the economy sucks so we must downsize your position.  

So if you work for me.... and you complain on Facebook that your job sucks.  You are most likely going to end up in my downsizing list of employees to layoff.  Lets face it, employees make mistakes everyday.  Giving a boss many reasons to fire them or lay them off.  One additional quote from the article gives some good advice:

"The reinstatement of the workers in Buffalo includes a provision to fully restore their back pay. But while the ruling is good news for those who want to vent their work frustrations on Facebook or other social media outlets, finding more discreet ways of venting may be wise to avoid future hassles."

So yes in this economic climate it is wise to work hard, do more that expected and praise your boss!

Source of the quotes in this article we pulled from

Have we gone too far?

Its getting out of hand...not be to an a$$hole but for real? Do we really need this on everything? I am fine with commercials about it, buttons, and maybe shirts...but everything about this. I for one will never forget but do I need to be reminded every single minute of my life about it with crazy products that the profits probably aren't even going to help with anything but instead are going into some suit's pocket?

This was posted on one of my facebook friends status on September 11, 2011. I bring this to your attention because quite frankly I agree.  Now don't get me wrong I am all for profit and the capitalist ways of America but even I think things are getting out of hand.  Do we really need to turn a tragic event into a profit?  Shouldn't there be some form of respect.  After all, don't we have enough news coverage and reminders as it is.  The line needs to be drawn somewhere. Just sayin......

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Chick Code

With the recent post of the bro code, it was only fitting to post the chick code as well.

1. Chicks before dicks.

2. A chick is allowed to do something wild, as long as the rest of her chicks are doing it. Ex: WHOOing or pretending to pole dance at a bar.

3. A chick will be humored if she wants to carry her little toy dog around in her bag. Her chick-friends have full right to mock her when she begins to accessorize the little toy dog.

4. A Chick never divulges the existence of the Chick Code to a man. It is a sacred document not to be shared with guys for any, not ever that reason. Note: if you a man reading this, First, let me apologize: it was never my intention for the code to contain this many big words. Second, have you been working out?

5. Whether she cares about shopping/shoes/clothes/makeup/etc or not, a chick cares about the aforementioned.

6. A chick shall not stare at other chicks if they must get naked in a locker or changing room. Jokes about recent weight gain are also strictly forbidden.

7. A chick never admits that she's PMSing to a guy, not even when she is PMSing.

8. A chick always sends greeting cards (even if she doesn't really want to).

9. Should a chick be critically injured, her side-chicks are to never make jokes about it, unless the hurt chick does first.

10. A chick will drop whatever she's doing and rush to help her side-chick when and if she gets dumped. Things required to ensure maximum comfort for your dumped side-chick: a shoulder to cry on, arms to hug, things to break, tissues, chocolate, alcohol, chick flicks, angry chick music, popcorn, mani/pedi kit, facial kit, and words aimed to describe what a douche what's-his-face was.

11. A Chick always asks for a guy's help when moving. For more effective results (aka getting a reluctant guy friend to move your massive couch and queen sized bed) butter him up about how strong and able and manly he is. For even more effective results, it is acceptable to slut it up a little or "involuntarily" show off your assets while buttering up.

12. On dinner dates, do not eat like a pig. But do not be peckish either.

13. A chick shall always help a side-chick get a guy. Should your side-chick be pursuing a taken guy (in a relationship, engaged, or married) you are not obligated to help her.

14. If a guy should inquire about another chick's sexual history, a chick shall lie and say that she doesn't know so that the chick questioned about does not look like a whore/prude.

15. A chick never dances stupidly nor too slutty. Exception: when a chick is drunk.

16. A chick should be able, at any time, to recite the following: winner of American Idol and/or Project Runway; who the new hottest couple is; who the top celebrity couples are; what the latest celebrity scandals are.

17. A chick shall be kind and courteous to her co-workers, unless they are beneath her, are total jerk wads, completely incompetent, and/or inappropriate (that kind of inappropriate).

18. If a chick goes on a wine run at a party, any excess money acquired from the group will be used to pick up additional snacks for aforementioned party.

19. A chick shall not sleep with another chick's brother (unless genuinely deemed okay with the chick who has the brother).

20. A chick respects chicks in the military because they've selflessly chosen to defend the nation, but more importantly, because they can totally kick your ass when you comment on how camouflage doesn't look good on them or their tragic haircut.

21. A chick may share her observations about another chick's smoking-hot boyfriend, but must then be very careful about flirting and physical contact with aforementioned smoking-hot boyfriend so that chick with boyfriend does not become jealous.

22. Homosexual men are completely acceptable as Side-Chicks. Sometimes they are even better.

23. There is no law that prohibits a straight man from being a Side-Chick or "one of the girls". He can make a wonderful wingman or, if all else fails, a backup boyfriend/hubby.

24. Chicks do not flip channels during shows that their chicks are intently watching.
25. If two chicks are wearing the same outfit, each retains the right to "accidentally" spill a drink on the other.

26. A chick does not allow another chick to get a "tramp stamp" or any boyfriend/husband's names tattooed on their body.

27. A chick never removes her clothing in public, unless at a pool, beach, or (sometimes) a concert.

28. If two chicks get into a fight, they shall make catty remarks and pretend to ignore each other, rather than stripping down and wrestling it out.

29. If two chicks decide to catch a movie together, they shall split a tub of popcorn to save money. However, they are not to share a drink.

30. A chick will, in a timely manner, alert her side-chicks to the existence of a sale/clearance.

31. When on the prowl, a chick hits the most decent seeming guy first in hopes of catching a good one.

32. A chick will make all attempts to get married before she is forty.

33. When in a public restroom, a chick will talk with the other women in line and politely ask the neighboring stall for toilet paper when she realizes her stall doesn't have any.

34. Chicks never reveal where they get their toys...or that one time in college.

35. A chick never rents or buys porn.

36. A chick does not judge fellow chicks for their decision to get breast implants. However, chick reserves the right to get mad at boyfriend/husband for staring at another woman's fake breasts.

37. A chick has the right to get mad at any man who is not considerate enough to hold a door for her.

38. A chick does not punch, kick or knee a guy in the groin...unless he genuinely and truly deserves it.

39. When a chick exchanges numbers with a guy, she is allowed to contact him twice before she must honor the weird "wait three days" thing guys do.

40. Should a chick get the chance to be engaged to be married, her side-chicks are obligated to be happy for her...even if aforementioned fiance is a douce-bag.

41. A chick is always allowed to cry. Doing it on command is even better.

42. Upon greeting another chick, a chick may engage in a hug, cheek kiss(es), high five, hand shake, fist bump, Bro hug, jumping up and down, booty bump, or light ass smack, but never a kiss on the lips nor grope/caress in any way. Exception: lesbians.

43. A chick loves her country, especially if it's in Europe.

44. A chick may assist in the application of sunscreen to another chick in any areas that are unreachable.

45. A chick does not go to a strip club as a general rule, though it is not completely prohibited. And is deemed fully acceptable in cases of bachelorette parties.

46. If a chick is seated next to a chick who's stuck in the middle seat on an airplane, she shall yield her all their shared armrests, unless the girl has been talking absolutely nonstop; is snoring; makes the chick get up more than once to use the restroom; or is really fat.

47. A chick loves pink, regardless if she really does love pink.

48. A chick does not publicly share how many men she has slept with. Exception: during games of Truth or Dare/Have You Ever.

49. When asked by a hot guy if she needs help, a chick always says yes, regardless if she needs help or not.

50. If a chick accidentally brushes up against another chicks boobs, both will carry on like nothing had happened. If a chick accidentally brushes her boobs against a guy, she will look at him coyly and pretend that nothing happened.

51. A chick checks out another chick's blind date. Chick is still obligated to go on date and give guy a chance, even if report is bad.

52. A chick is required to remember side-chick's birthdays, anniversary and childrens' birthdays.

53. Even in a drought, a chick washes her hands and face on a regular basis.

54. A chick is required to go out with her mother on mother's day and fellow single-chicks on a bro-bashing Valentine's day.

55. A chick is always allowed to borrow another chick's clothes, shoes, and purses.

56. A chick is required to alert her fellow chicks when the Guy-to-Chick ratio at a party falls below 3:1.

57. A chick always reveals the score of a sporting event to a guy, if she knows what it is.

58. A chick always alerts her fellow chicks when they are starting to grow a mustache.

59. A chick always brings her jailed chick the necessities (2 ply toilet paper, lip gloss, and accessories to go with her prison jump suit).

60. A chick will always be respectful to others' parents, even if they're driving her insane.

61. A Chick will always alert the significant other of her side-chick's life to an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or other important events as well as an appropriate gift for the occasion. She will never alert side-chick she disclosed this information.

62. In the event that two chicks lock on to the same target, they may be somewhat petty towards the opposing chick and somewhat slutty to the target.

63. A chick will always be supportive of her fellow-chick's decisions, even if they don't agree.

64. A chick will always offer extra tickets to her side-chicks if she is unable to acquire a date.

65. A chick can buy any type of drink she wants, as it is completely acceptable to drink anything from cheap beer to fruity umbrella drinks.

66. When a chick is upset about breaking up with or getting dumped by her significant other, fellow chicks will bring ice cream, tissues, and chick flicks to sit and cry with her and help her feel better.

67. A chick shall always participate in karaoke when the even arises, and, if she can't carry a tune, reserves the right to pretend to be drunk or get drunk.

68. Should you know for a fact that your side-chick's significant other is cheating on her, then she MUST tell her, even though it'll hurt her. Getting evidence first also helps.

69. Duh?!?

70. A chick will drive another chick to the airport and, if she's available, also pick her up-both of which on time and/or early. She is expected to inquire how her trip was and her general well-being, and at least offer to help her with her luggage.

71. Chicks will travel in packs. Groups of three or four are most preferable.

72. A chick always spell-checks.

73. When a group of chicks are at a restaurant, they will split the check.

74. Yellow lights are an option-either slow down and accept the red light, or speed up and get across while you can.

75. A chick can always be honest to a guy about their occupation (because she knows that he'll imagine it as a sexual role play no matter what it is).

76. A chick will only outwardly be upset at her significant other in private. Chicks are courteous and don't want to embarrass their significant other.

77. Chicks are expected to snuggle and cuddle, whether they like to or not.

78. A chick will never jock-block.

79. At a wedding, a chick will be excited for the bouquet toss, even if she isn't.

80. In the event a chick is going to have a sexual event with more than one partner, she will be discreet.

81. A chick always makes sure the toilet seat is down, and leaves it down for all subsequent chicks.

82. If two chicks get into a heated argument and one says something out of line, they are expected to take it back or apologize.

83. Although not forbidden, chicks do not date coworkers.

84. A chick will stop whatever she is doing if The Notebook or an America's Next Top Model marathon are on TV.

85. If a chick buys a new car, she is expected to buy matching license plate covers immediately.

86. A chick shall make all attempts to hide any crazy tendencies from a guy until they are in a committed relationship.

87. A chick never questions another chick's number of shoes collection, how old they really are, or what their natural hair color is.

88. If a chick drives another chick's car, she may adjust the seat and mirrors. However, she must make all attempts to put them back in their original position when done.

89. A chick always supports her fellow chicks.

90. A chick always brings a bottle of wine to a party.

91. Chicks don't do nicknames.

92. Chicks do not do "booty calls". Chicks regularly go home with the "wrong guy" in an attempt to change him and get him to commit to a relationship.

93. White chicks do not talk "gangsta".

94. Chicks will alert a fellow chick when they are starting to get fat.

95. Chicks will alert fellow chicks to a hottie.

96. Chicks will go to the spa at least once a year. At a minimum, they will see the hair dresser and nail stylist in one day.

97. Chicks don't really care where other chicks went to college.

98. A chick will alert her fellow chicks immediately if she is at a sausage-fest full of hotties.

99. If a chick is lost, she will promptly stop and ask for directions.

100. When at a stoplight a chick will text, whether it is legal in her state or not.

101. If a chick tells another chick a secret, she will promise to take it to the grave. However, she will promptly swear other chicks to secrecy and tell them the secret.

102. A chick will take great care in selecting her outfit for all outings.

103. A chick never wears Christmas colors when it is not Christmas.

104. The father of a chick is always off limits.

105. If a chick isn't invited to another chick's wedding, she will keep the fact that she is upset to herself. Out of courtesy, she doesn't want to upset the bride. However, she can freely share her disposition after the event.

106. A chick always accepts free drinks at a bar, even if she has no interest in the guy they come from.

107. A chick never lets her fellow chicks out in public when they don't look good.

108. If a chick forgets another chicks name, she will shamefully admit it, and ask for their name.

109. When chicks are at a sporting event and see themselves on that big tv thing, they will wave or blow kisses. The duck face, however, is strictly forbidden.

110. If a chick is hitting it off with a guy, her friends will steer clear, as not to ruin her chances.

111. If a chick discovers that another chick has not signed out of her email, she will sign her out...after looking briefly at any interesting-looking messages.

112. Chicks always sing along to their favorite songs at the bar...and in the car.

113. A chick does not date an older guy for money, only for love.

114. If a chick needs to stay with another chick for an extended period of time, she will offer to split any living expenses.

115. A chick will only go without clothing at a clothing optional beach in Europe.

116. A chick will not purposely ruin another chick's chances at a guy.

117. A chick never relinquishes control of her cell phone.

118. A vegetarian chick does not force her non-vegetarian friends to eat tofu. It's disgusting.

119. If a chick owns a convertible, she will put the top down and take her friends for a ride when the weather is nice.

120. It is acceptable for chicks to call guys by the first or last name. Other chicks are to be referred to by their first names.

121. If a chick doesn't know how to do something, she will ask.

122. A chick has the right to be moody.

123. When chicks are dancing together, it is fully acceptable to be touching.

124. A chick will let a guy win at least 50% of the time, as to not hurt his ego.

125. If a chick has a fellow chick following her in traffic, she will make sure her friend is always in her sight.

126. Chicks do not watch videos of the adult entertainment variety in public. Watching adult entertainment videos is restricted to time with their significant other, even then, it is to be lied about.

127. A chick shall always help another chick reconstruct the events from the previous night, unless those events entail hooking up with some unknown dude or continuously hitting on other women. Unless she's a lesbian, then that would be normal.

128. A chick will always be color-coordinated.

129. If a chick lets another chick borrow a DVD, CD, or article of clothing, she will expect it back in a reasonable amount of time. If it is not return, chick reserves the right to use the failure to return in a future argument.

130. If a chick is in a car accident, fellow chicks will ask if she is ok, and then immediately proceed to blame the other driver (especially if it was a man). We cannot give hype to the blatant lie that women are bad drivers.

131. A chick should know how to change a flat tire. If she doesn't, a chick is required to know at least one guy who knows how to change a tire, and how to use sexual innuendos to get him to come and help change your flat tire regardless of the place or time.

Contributed by J.L.Quick of The Military Is My Husband's Mistress