Monday, September 12, 2011

Can't believe this Judges ruling!

If you haven't had a chance.  Read this article which is about how employees cannot be fired for complaining about their jobs on Facebook.  

To save you the time required to read the entire article here is a quote:

"Five workers fired for complaining about their jobs on Facebook will go back to work after the National Labor Relations Board ruled in their favor, affirming workers can safely vent their frustrations about the workplace on social networks."

So basically this is the government telling me who I can fire or not fire and when I do it.  Hmm.  Let me clue everyone in.  If I deem it necessary I will fire anyone and everyone that works for me.  There will be a very nice paper trail that details all the mistakes these people have made.  In fact I will lay off anyone I care to lay off without explanation.  Just simply your services are not needed any longer.  Or the economy sucks so we must downsize your position.  

So if you work for me.... and you complain on Facebook that your job sucks.  You are most likely going to end up in my downsizing list of employees to layoff.  Lets face it, employees make mistakes everyday.  Giving a boss many reasons to fire them or lay them off.  One additional quote from the article gives some good advice:

"The reinstatement of the workers in Buffalo includes a provision to fully restore their back pay. But while the ruling is good news for those who want to vent their work frustrations on Facebook or other social media outlets, finding more discreet ways of venting may be wise to avoid future hassles."

So yes in this economic climate it is wise to work hard, do more that expected and praise your boss!

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  1. Wait. So if I go on FB and call my boss an A-hole, say all the things that a lot of employees think but don't say face to face, you can't fire me? HAHAHAHAHAA Oh how this could make it hell for both sides of this coin.

    Does this effect Delaware's "employed at will" law? If I understand that correctly, it allows employers to hire and fire at will (provided of course they aren't violating any protected class).

    Sorry, but if I had an employee running their mouth about my business or about me on a public forum such as Facebook, they'd be fired in a heartbeat. Slander, Defamation, and Liable all come to mind.

    Simpy unreal that this judge had the thought to rule the way they did.


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