Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Entertaining Morning....

This morning I came to work.  Sat down at my desk, turned on my computer.  My usual routine results in opening my twitter screen, facebook screen, and my blogs screen.  My first message on twitter was a reference to the tag #AttackWatch.  I found myself reading the tweets with that tag.  Must admit it was entertaining.....for a conservative.  This tag references this website - Attackwatch which is Obama trying to reply to all the "smear campaigns" by arming people with the "Truth".  Hey guess what Obama, I think you are getting more negative responses on Twitter.  You need to answer all the responses on that twitter tag!

Now if this wasn't enough to keep me entertained for the rest of the week.  I received a link to a YouTube Video.  Now I must admit that it is hard to determine exactly what Michelle Obama is whispering to the President but both of their facial expressions should say it all.  Here is the video:

The person that uploaded this video had this to say in his comments:

"When we spotted this, we were watching the coverage LIVE on a 65" HD tv. You couldn't deny it if u wanted to... I admit, it is hard to see on a 6" youtube screen, but u STILL have to be in denial to refuse her obvious disgusted facial expression............."

I leave it to you to decide what was said.  I know what I saw.

For your reading enjoyment, here is a screen shot of the tweets from #attackwatch :

Hey I can't make this kinda stuff up!

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