Monday, September 12, 2011

Have we gone too far?

Its getting out of hand...not be to an a$$hole but for real? Do we really need this on everything? I am fine with commercials about it, buttons, and maybe shirts...but everything about this. I for one will never forget but do I need to be reminded every single minute of my life about it with crazy products that the profits probably aren't even going to help with anything but instead are going into some suit's pocket?

This was posted on one of my facebook friends status on September 11, 2011. I bring this to your attention because quite frankly I agree.  Now don't get me wrong I am all for profit and the capitalist ways of America but even I think things are getting out of hand.  Do we really need to turn a tragic event into a profit?  Shouldn't there be some form of respect.  After all, don't we have enough news coverage and reminders as it is.  The line needs to be drawn somewhere. Just sayin......

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