Friday, September 2, 2011

Mark Tate's Inspirational Story! My Rave of the Day.

Normally I would not blog about other people.  I want to let you read a post from my good friend Mark Tate.  He posted this entry on his community profile.  To save you the search for this post on his Facebook profile I am reprinting it here.

9/1/11. Thursday.
When the "Info" portion of this page was first written, I wrote about my past struggles with weight gain/loss and obesity over the past years. I talked about the added cost that can come with living an unhealthy lifestyle and/or life of obesity. (i.e. medications for blood pressure, added clothing cost, etc., etc.) Yesterday, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Specialists here in the DFW area due to pain and limited mobility with my left side rotator cuff. I have been experiencing problems with my left shoulder area for approximately 2 years now. However, since re-entering the "getting fit and healthy" arena, my left side shoulder has become increasingly more annoying with regard to the pain and mobility of my shoulder movement.
After my visit with Dr. Harris at Texas Orthopedic Specialists yesterday, (which included extensive x-rays and an MRI) there was a preliminary determination that most, if not all of the damage to my left rotator cuff was more than likely due to the many months and years in which I slept on my left side while weighing anywhere from 300-372lbs. This, to say the least, didn't surprise me at all. I will know by mid-September as to whether surgery will be required to repair the damage.
I write this "Note" because I gave you my word in the "Info" portion that I would be as transparent as I could possibly be on this page. I want others to know the "negatives" or "costs" that can occur with not taking care of this great temple that we call "our body." I also write this to you because I want it to be a reminder to those that have struggled, or are struggling with obesity to know that there IS an alternative to living that type of lifestyle. Making the decision to get healthy is NOT complex at all! It's merely a state of mind. YOU make up YOUR MIND that YOU are going to get busy "LIVING"...and that you'll leave the self destructive lifestyle to someone else. YOU deserve a better LIFE. So join me here daily and let's encourage one another to Get Up, Get Out and MOVE our bodies each day. Clear those pantry's of ALL the processed crap that you "THINK" you have to have and fill it (along with your refrigerator's) with foods that YOU KNOW are much better for you and your health. Do it!!!
Mark Tate (9/1/11)
PS. As a side note, the topped out weight of 372lbs that I wrote about above is no longer. I recently weighed in at 274lbs as of 8/31/11. My goal weight for my structure and height is around 215-220lbs. Since beginning my new fitness journey as of January 2011 in which I weighed 327lbs, I have lost a total of 53lbs to show a current weight of 274. I have also put on a substantial amount of muscle and have dropped from a size 44" waist to a near 38" waist.

If you would like to read all of his posts just visit his page at the link above.  The reason that I am posting this here is because first: I find it very inspirational.  But most important I want to say to everyone that is obese and has given a million excuses.  Time to get with it!  Also while your at it - Don't forget to hit the like button.

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    Many thanks for the "RushFit" link and the complimentary words. Cheers to good health!

    Mark Tate


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