Thursday, October 13, 2011

Education and Job performance spotlight

If you follow my blog you know that I wrote a post about stupid criminals.  It was all about the education level of the American population.  I am attaching a photo that was shared on Facebook.  My good friend Jodi, a guest writer for this blog, posted this page from a coloring book given to her friends little boy.  Not sure of which Delaware school or which grade.

For the uneducated:  Its 'remember' and 'losers' !

This is just a snapshot of the front page of the book given out at school.  See anything wrong here?  So if we extend our thought process to include everyone that has gone through the public education system, we might be able to include our elected representatives.  This next image again was shared on Facebook.  It is a screen shot of the image including the Facebook comments that came with it as well as an explanation of who is in the photo:

I increased the size of this pic for closer inspection
Now lets think about this situation for one minute.  If we talk about proper work ethics and responsibility.  If we were to do this type of thing at our jobs?  Granted we are just regular American citizens.  What would happen if your boss caught you playing solitaire during regular business hours?

People wake up we have a serious problem here!  We have leaders that are not focused on the task at hand.  Is it any wonder that we can't even get a coloring book spelled correctly?

Join me in the Anti-incumbent Party revolution.  It's easy.....Just vote for the other guy or gal on the ticket.  Lets make some 'Change happen'.

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