Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: My favorite Holiday of the Year

As holidays go, Halloween is the coolest.  I mean when you compare it to Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, you end up with a day in the year that allows you to do things that you would not socially be accepted doing any other day of the year.  Lets face the facts here,  Halloween is better than Christmas:

But I can see that not everyone is sold on this idea.  In fact it is my guess that there are those hard core fans of Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Well I will give them the fact that the food is fantastic during those holidays.  However on Halloween you have a license to eat CANDY!  On any other day of the year you will not or can not partake in the eating of massive amounts of Sweet fantastic candy.  And yes on Christmas you do get presents from people.  But you must admit that those presents are not exactly what you want and you will probably return them to the store.  

On Halloween people give you FREE Candy!  Enough said.

Is that all I have for an argument? Free Candy?  Well no not exactly I can also point to the following -- Do you want to wake up and find out this guy was sneaking around your house without even announcing his arrival?

Or -- How would you like these people knocking at your door asking for a Trick or a Treat?





Quite frankly I chose these girls over some old fart climbing down my chimney.  Which I do not have.  So how does he get into my house?  At least the trick or treaters are honest.  They ring your bell, ask a question and I give them candy.

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