Friday, October 28, 2011

Literacy in the United States

Can you spot the mistake?
As you know from my previous posts that I talk a lot about education.  In my last article on education I included a picture of a coloring book that was misspelled.  Well the stupidity continues.  Here is an article in a regional Mississippi newspaper talking about their literacy level in that state.  My real question here is, "How did this get past the editor and the guy actually setting the machine for printing.  Now I am not sure how that exactly works but it would seem to me they have multiple people proofreading their newspapers.  Just saying.

Image is of an actual letter written by a grown adult.
I give these examples, not to make fun of these people but to actually show how saddening it is to have such illiterate people living right here in the United States of America.  Education can have a fantastic impact on our society as a whole.  Lets face it, as an example:

Just by having the wrong punctuation can reek havoc.  Lets face it grandpa may not stay safe.  But seriously I think the biggest problem is the advent of the Smart Phones and Texting.  Over the years people have resorted to texting rather than actually talking or writing a full sentence to people.  The Text-ease is convenient and fast to enter into the small keyboards on those phones but also makes us lazy.  Using the letter 'u' for the word you.  Definitely makes it hard for me to read those messages.  The really sad part here is not that the author of the above letter has a literacy problem.  The really tragedy here is that the author's parents allowed the education of this person to lapse.  They gave up on their child.  Alot of people blame the education system and depend on them to educate and take care of their children.  This can be related to how alot of people expect the government to take care of them as well as ...... create jobs! (this is another article all together.)

The answer here is for parents everywhere to take an active role in their children's lives.  Spend some time making sure that they do their homework.  Ask questions about their day.  The system is not worrying about your kid.  They don't care.  They have hundreds of kids that have to roll through the school.  They will just pass them through without much resistance.  Talk to your kids teachers, ask questions, question their teaching ability.  Let's make a difference!

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