Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Must be over 1 million Dumbass' and counting

I read this blog post at digital trends about the Iphone 4s and this basically confirms the stupidity of the American people.  But then again we will have another 70 million dumbass' that will renew the fact that they are stupid.  What am I talking about?

Apple did not roll out the iPhone 5.  For good reason.  If you think about it, the iPhone 4 came out in 2010.  When that unit rolled out people signed up for a 2 year contract.  Currently they still have about a year left on that contract.  Which means that there would not be a big sales on the newest innovation.  With Apple waiting till next year to introduce the newest iPhone means that there will be 70 million purchasers ready to buy.

Fueling the stock price and making Apple even richer. (hear that protesters?)  The iPhone 4s was introduced this year to suck in those folks that have been waiting to enter the smart phone market.  Which means that sales on the iPhone 5 will be tremendous for about 2 years after introduction at which time they will introduce the next version of stupidity.

I guess that you can tell that I do not like the Cellphone revolution.  I think that people don't think before they start using the phone in public.  Holding up lines.  Forcing government to create 'No texting while driving laws'. When will the dumbing down of America stop?  Are we so self absorbed that we can't go 20 minutes with out posting on facebook that we are bored driving?  Or that we are headed to some point of interest that no one really cares about?

In any case, things are sure to get worse.  People will give up their privacy by allowing the phone to be tracked and the pictures tagged with GPS coordinates.  One think is for sure.....I will not be a part of the 'Big Brother' movement.

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