Friday, October 21, 2011

The New American Dream??

I wrote an article about the protesters entitled 'Protesting Capitalism?' and in that article I talk about what the protesters may or may not stand for, however we are sure of one thing, they claim to be the 99% of America that do not make over one million dollars.  So being curious, I began to wonder who this 99% of America really is and where do they live?  Now just for clarification, I do not make one million dollars per year, and I quite frankly do not agree with the protesters.  So I do not consider myself in that 99% of America.

Doing some research, talking to people, and basically looking for that vast majority of America that they claim to represent.  I found this article featuring pictures from Los Angeles and New York.  Which would indicate we have bigots as a part of the 99%.  So I started asking myself - "Self, do these people have jobs? What do they have as a future?  What do they normally do?"  I found this picture that might shed some light on these questions and more.......

The 99 percent
Hmm, scary.  So does this mean that the 99% are fat bigot white guys with no jobs and no hope for a job?  Feeding off the American Dream?

Well digging deeper into the bowels of Google I found this youtube video:

A Los Angeles substitute teacher was fired by the school district after making an Anti-Semitic comment on camera at an "Occupy LA" event.

This looks like it is starting to become a much broader vision of the 99%.  As I write this article I have been watching my facebook feed and interestingly enough these pictures showed up:

Alec Baldwin a Capital One Spokesman is an Occupy Wall Street supporter?

Well I think I have a better view of exactly what we are dealing with here.  I think that the protesters just want money, FREE money.  They want the hard working class American (the ones with jobs) to give them money.....for FREE.  Hey I am not one of the 99% people.  If you think that having a job classifies me as a Millionaire then I must be in that 1%.  

This must be what the American Dream has become.  People that really do not want to work, blaming other races, religions and beliefs for their problems.  Oh yeah, and they want all the money.  This is more like the American Nightmare

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