Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Protesting Capitalism... Update

Last week I wrote a post on the protesters in New York. At the time I did not understand exactly what they were protesting. Well quite frankly I am still confused. However they have spread to various cities including Philadelphia PA. I was watching the news and part of the report on the protesters that have been protesting for 7 days was the fact that it is costing the city $80,000 per day to have the police available to control the crowd. This is above and beyond the budgeted amount the city has available to pay the Police. So if we do some simple math:

$80,000 x 7 = $560,000

So far just the City of Philadelphia has spent $560,000 to provide police control of the crowd. Now this is just one city in America. How can you even endorse a protest that is not really directed at any one situation or ideal. They just are against anything that makes money? Again I am not sure. Here is a pic that has been circulating around the social networks:

It would actually be funny if it wasn't so true! 

As a side note, According to this article about Obama it would seem that the President has endorsed the protesters. I think that the President is trying to fuel some sort of campaign with radical leftist so that he can get re-elected. Here is a quote from the article:

“The protests you’re seeing are the same conversations people are having in living rooms and kitchens all across America,” Plouffe told George Stephanopoulos.

Sorry but in my living room and kitchen we are not having these same conversations. Mr. President, my three kids and wife are talking about when you are going to be out of office so that this economy can get started again. If you are re-elected (Booooo!) we talk about how we can survive another 4 years of recession and or depression. This is the conversations we are having. When we go out to the soccer fields and talk to the other parents that have either been laid off or fear for their jobs. They talk about when you will be out of office. Everyone that I talk to are only optimistic if the conversation is directed to the end of your one term presidency and how things will get better when you are out!

These are the true conversations of hard working, responsible Americans. What you see out in the streets are the thugs and criminals that the Police have to control and or the people that feel 'entitled' to be given everything they want without having to put in the hard work. I would venture to say that anyone that has worked hard for what they have today would disagree with you. I know of alot of people that agree with me. Wake up! GET OUT!

Join the Revolution today --- Join the Anti-Incumbent Party.

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