Monday, October 10, 2011

What has our education system come too.......

In a delawareonline article "Police: Messy handwriting foils bank robbery plot near New Castle" We find that our education system has failed even the criminals. To save you some time here is the best part of the article: (However you should check out the article.  They guy looks...well you be the judge)

"Delaware State Police say Thomas J. Love, 40, walked into the WSFS on New Castle Avenue in the Crossroads Shopping Center at about 3 p.m. and handed a bank teller a demand note on a deposit slip.
The teller, unable to decipher what was on the deposit slip, handed it back to Love to rewrite. Empty handed, he then fled the bank on foot.

This just goes to show you how lucky we are that the criminals are stupid.  Which I guess that a good education in the country is a double edge sword.  Yes we would be making our population smarter if we had a better education system however that also means that the criminals would be smarter.

So now I get it.  The government wants us stupid so they can catch us at illegal activity easily.

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