Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas EHHHHHH

So I'm walking through Walmart in Middletown Delaware.  I had some time to kill.  Here is my pet peeve.  As you know my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I wrote this about Halloween.  Christmas is probably my least favorite of the holidays.  I don't like if for a variety of reasons that I will explain later in this article.  (Santa is creepy)  But back to my Walmart adventure, even before Halloween was over they had Christmas stuff already on the shelves. Come on people, are we so stuck on this holiday of buying and being rude to people that we have trained the stores to start earlier every year?  Can't we celebrate each holiday as they occur?  What happened to Thanksgiving (My favorite eating holiday).  Walk through the store and there isn't even a mention of Thanksgiving.

So you can see where I'm going with this.  Right?  Let's face it, we even have a special shopping day that the stores have nurtured and advertised continuously (Black Friday) the day after Thanksgiving.  It has gotten so bad that some stores now advertise that Black Friday deals come early!  (Really?)  Can I blame the stores?  Is it the stores fault that thousands of DUMBASS' will wait in line in front of their stores waiting for them to open their doors so they can charge into the store to buy some stupid gadget cheap that is only offered in a small quantity?  I blame these DUMB ASS'  they have ruined this time of the year for the normal people.  What is Thanksgiving and Christmas supposed to be? Hmmmm.

So to answer that question I Googled it. Here is what the Bible Thumpers think.  To save you the agony of reading the entire article here is a small excerpt from that page:

"The historic record of the birth of Christ can be found in Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-20. " (Hey lets just repent now! Here's my thoughts on Bible Thumpers)

Not exactly what I am looking for.  I did find a ton of poems and articles about what Christmas means to me.  Yeah right, like the world revolves around an individual.  Wait maybe that is it, maybe the reason we have killed this holiday is because everyone is about me me me me.  Makes sense.  After all that is why we have this Black Friday thing and that everyone worry's about getting stuff (Crap).  Like we need more crap.

Don't get me wrong..... I don't hate the idea of Christmas, but the original idea of Christmas when I was a kid was to help other people, you would be nicer to everyone.  If just for that one day you would promote peace on earth and help out your neighbor.  Here is the things I hate about Christmas: (These are too disturbing to post directly on my website so I am linking to the site that has the

13 most brutal Black Friday deaths and injuries

These include deaths, stampedes and shootings.  All in the name of Christmas.  All of these incidents occurred while waiting in line at some store to buy useless crap to give or have for Christmas.

Do I advocate that we do not shop on Black Friday.  Do we boycott stores that one day.  No, the fact is I have no problem with shopping on any day you may find that you want to shop.  Shop on Black Friday.  (I don't but mostly because I have no money THANKS OBAMA)

The only thing that I ask is that we need to celebrate each holiday as it comes around each year.  Enjoy Halloween, Enjoy Thanksgiving, then and only then enjoy Christmas.  Be nice to people, promote peace on earth.  If only for that one day.  For everyone that does not do this..... SLAP EM.  They deserve it, for they are DUMB ASS'

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