Monday, November 21, 2011

EZ Tire and Auto Rave!

You know, I am going to start my review of the EZ Tire and Auto Shop rave by saying the "They didn't have to do that!"  The reason that I say that is, first off, this is the main reason that I shop locally.  It's all about service, well customer service that is.  But I get ahead of myself.  Let me start from the beginning.

I own a 2002 Mercedes C240 which was manufactured in 2 separate countries.  Brasil and Germany, now the Brazilian made C240 models had some rather major electrical problems.  My Mercedes was manufactured in Germany.  Which was the better of the models made.  However, there would seem to be on item on the car that tends to fail based on the fact that it was a flaw in the design.  The front turn signal just stops working.  On my car the front passenger turn signal stopped working.  I of course took the simplest action which was to replace the bulb.  Well that did nothing to solve the problem.  I did notice that the bulb holder had blackened contacts.  So I looked on line for the part but could only find third party stuff.  Plus I was not sure that the part would solve my problem.

Now the blinker was a definite problem because I could not use the turn signal to turn right.  All I needed was to be pulled over for not using my turn signal.  This is the repair that motivated me to get the car to EZ Tire and Auto in Smyrna Delaware.  There were 2 other issues that I needed to address: 1. My truck opener stopped working and 2.  I needed an oil change.  So the repair job seemed to be pretty basic to the inexperienced mechanic like me.

I took it over to EZ Tire and Auto here in the Smyrna Business Park.  Let me say that first and foremost my car went right into the shop to be evaluated.  I appeared to be straightforward, order the 2 parts we needed which would take a day to come in and do the oil change.  I picked up the car that afternoon with the oil changed, with the parts ordered and in-route to the shop.  No brainer right? Hmmmm so we thought.

The two parts arrived the next day.  Just one catch, the Blinker bulb holder that was sent from Mercedes was not like the original one.  Seems that I had the older version which was recalled and replaced with the holder that had wires coming out of it.  The older version had no wires.  The next problem that cropped up was that the actuator for the trunk release that was sent matched the part number straight from Mercedes, however when installed the connector that gives it power was not a match.  A call to the dealer revealed that there was a small adapter required.  (Now here is where the super customer service kicks in)  EZ Tire and Auto immediately drove to Wilmington Mercedes to pick up the small adapter!

Guess what, the adapter didn't fix the job as expected.  There was no information on line that could help solve the problem.  The directions given by Mercedes left out certain key parts of the process.  Like, how do you connect the power to the blinker?  So at this point I had resigned myself to taking the day off and driving to Wilmington Mercedes to have the car fixed.  I was not enthusiastic about doing it that way.  It meant more money out of my pocket, not only in repair costs but time off from work as well.

The next day, Saturday morning, good news when EZ Tire and Auto had the solution!  Bingo they installed the blinker and had the solution to the Trunk release power problem.  I was definitely happy.  Good job EZ  Tire and Auto!

Want to take advantage of their great personal service?  Here is where and how to get them to help you:

EZ Tire and Auto
56 Artisan Drive
Smyrna DE 19977
Located in the Smyrna Business park, near the Walmart distribution Center
Give them a call at 302-450-1797

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