Thursday, December 1, 2011

Entitlement Generation?

I've posted articles about the Occupiers and the 99% people before.  I think everyone knows my opinion regarding this issue.  I did listen to a podcast by Adam Carolla that has shed light on a view that I am beginning to think might be part of the problem.  Here is the PodCast: (Adam uses colorful language so if you are offended by foul language leave now)

He talks about how we are seeing the first generation of "participation trophy kids".  If you're not familiar with the Participation trophy let me explain.  I will use my kids' experience with sports.  As an example, my daughter has played soccer since she could walk.  When she started they played regular soccer games that included goalies and rules.  However, at the end of the season, everyone received a trophy.  There are no winners or losers and all the kids are told they are the best.  When in fact this is not the case.  Could this be the overall reason for these protesters?  I am not completely convinced......

Hmmm, I had an interesting conversation with a young 20-something girl over the weekend.  It was an interesting conversation because she was a Political Science graduate.  She is a liberal and she took the time to go to the Philadelphia Occupiers.  She said some very important things.  First and foremost she said that the occupiers were not democrats.  Which was surprising to me.  She then pointed out that there is a small group within the masses that are protesting and have a defined agenda.  However, there is a lot of anarchists that have just showed up with each having their own agenda.  Which sends a confusing message to the people of America.

Could this fact be the reason that we have overreacted to the Occupiers and that this is the reason that they have become a standing joke among 'Normal America"?  Well at least within my circle of influence we consider the protesters confused and really just a joke.

In the long run, I think that what will end these 'occupations' will of course be winter.  Old Man winter will come and only a few really die-hards will remain.  Which should be an interesting development.  Who is the final few that will remain?

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