Monday, December 5, 2011

Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Supporting Small Business During Your Holiday Shopping

As much as we’d love to spend the holidays relaxing with friends and family, the first few weeks of December can be some of the busiest of the year. Businesses are sprinting to reach their end of year goals, students are cramming for tests before winter vacation, and many people are still running around trying to find the perfect present.
One way you can give a gift to yourself while shopping for friends or family is to shop at local and small businesses here in Delaware.  Your money, when spent locally,  not only helps to keep Delawareans working – it’s money that can then be used by small business owners to support other small and local businesses – and from it, the benefits to our economy keep growing.
Throughout the year, I visit small businesses to ask what they need to help them succeed. And so often, I hear – “if only more people here knew the kind of quality work we do or products we supply – if only we could get more people in the door, I know that we could turn them into customers.” That’s one of the reasons we declared the Saturday after Thanksgiving to be “small business Saturday” in Delaware, adding our state to a national movement to highlight how hard small business owners are working and how much they have to offer.
Given how busy everyone is right now, Thanksgiving weekend probably feels like a long time ago, but  many Delawareans made it a point to shop locally that day  to support neighborhood businesses.  If you haven’t done that yet, there’s still time.  If you have, I’m encouraging you to share your experiences, to spread the word that our state has so many entrepreneurs working hard to serve your family while having a chance to support their own.
Whatever you’re looking for, know there’s about 19-thousand small business employers here in Delaware who’d be happy to help you – not just for the holidays, but throughout the year. Delawareans supporting Delawareans not only gives us the chance to make the holidays brighter, it helps keep our state moving forward.

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