Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's Fight for our Right

I know that most everyone has heard of SOPA.  If you haven't then read the Wiki about SOPA.  I urge everyone to contact their elected officials and voice your opinion on this Bill.  Here are some sites to help you do that:

Demand Progress
Stop SOPA Now
Here is a post at Reddit
What you need to know about SOPA
Sign the Petition

Bottomline is that this blog (you are reading it now) could be banned.  I voice alot of opinions that are not popular.  Perhaps they would get upset and ban me by shutting this blog down.  Hmm. last time I read something about this type of censorship I was reading about Hitler in school.

Please voice your opinion.  Let's face it you might not agree with what I say all the time, and quite frankly I most likely would not agree with you.  I would however never fight to have you shut down and out.  Opposing views is what makes this country great.  The ability to voice an opinion different that what some politician may not agree with.  Do we want to give the big Corporations and government that power?

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