Friday, December 30, 2011

ObamaCare at its Finest

The idea for this post was sparked by a conversation I had with the billing department of Lankenau Medical Center.  I won't go into the conversation until I tell the whole story:

My Story begins during a U17 Girls Soccer Game near Philadelphia PA.  Tiffany (my daughter) plays soccer for the MOT Wildcats.  On this particular day we traveled to Philadelphia PA to play a league game.  Now I do not remember whether they won or lost.  As is my usual job I video taped the game.  Tiffany was playing a center forward position and the girls had a free kick at the goal.  There was a very good possibility of scoring from this situation.  Here is the video clip of the free kick and the point at which Tiffany was injured.

The first part of this video shows the action as it happened from my perspective.  I then replay the video and, using software, zoom in on the point of contact when the injury occured.  As best as we can see she was trying to head the ball into the goal.  The goalie was trying to catch the ball.  Her head hit the goalies gloves with very little ball contact.

Tiffany did get up and shook off the event feeling no adverse effects.  The game continued for another 10 minutes.   We then walked to the car.  Tiffany seemed to be fine.  Once in the car she begins to cry due to her head "really hurting".  Long story short we immediately drove to the nearest emergency room.  Where Tiffany received TOP NOTCH service.  I found the nurses and doctors to be excellent.

After about 2 hours it was determined that Tiffany only hit her head hard and that it was not a concussion.  Her headache had subsided and we were once again on our way home.  She has completely healed from the incident and continues to play soccer today (With head gear as dictated by me)

This brings us to the conversation I had with the hospital.  The total cost of the hospital visit was $777.  Which when at the emergency room our "co-pay" is $100.  However based on the fact that she was NOT admitted to the hospital the insurance company Aetna would not cover the additional $677.  Which of course I spent several weeks arguing about why this sum was not paid by the Insurance company.  This was a losing battle.  I gave up based on how much time I was using to fight the issue.  I think that is what they wanted me to do - Give up.

During my conversation with the billing department I asked this question:

"If I did not have Health Insurance would my visit cost have been lower?"

The lady on the phone said

"Yes, it would be based on your need.  You would also have to sign an affidavit saying you did not have insurance.  If we later found out that you had insurance you would be charged with insurance fraud."


I don't fault the hospital, they are only following the insurance healthcare policy set by President Obama.  If we are responsible Americans and pay our health insurance bill each and every month.  We are not allowed to receive preferred pricing on our health care.  We receive the highest rate.  Can anyone say "ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM" .  This means that the Deadbeats that choose not to carry health insurance receive the lowest cost healthcare.  Yet they do not pay into the system.  Does anyone see the problem here?

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