Thursday, December 13, 2012

The New American Christmas

For those of you that believe that Christmas is about Jesus and Christian beliefs, here in new America you are considered Bible Thumpers.  Let's face it, here in New America Christmas is about the following:

  • Rude and inconsiderate behavior
  • Buying stuff that nobody really wants
  • Giving stuff to people that do not really care but you want to look good
  • Putting up colorful decorations and killing a tree to put in your house.
In New America, Christmas is about What can I get people to give me.  With the fact that unemployment is still high.  People need money and stuff.  We talked a little bit about how to get money during the holidays. This can just be the start of making money.  Since it is the holiday season the New American needs to be inventive and have a supplement to their income stream.  We can use the points I listed above to our advantage.

I propose the following method to supplement any New Americans income.  However to accomplish this you will need some important work tools.

  1. Large red pot
  2. A red blazer
  3. A hand held bell
  4. Santa Suit*
  5. You Child*
* Optional

Now just go to any local grocery store or shopping center and talk to management.  Explain that you are collecting money for the local charity.  Ask to stand in front of the store or mall.  Here is what you will find will happen:

Most people that go shopping for stuff that nobody needs will feel like they need to donate money in order to make up for all the rude inconsiderate things they have done over the past few days.  Like they are atoning for their wrong doings.  Given a high traffic location you should easily collect $500 to $1000 in 4 hours.  If you have the optional Santa suit and or young child asking for money.  You will probably see a 25% higher take.  Christmas Eve will be your best day.  Do the math.  Your unreported income is only limited by the number of days you can schedule to collect the money.

Now if you have the child or better yet, children.  You will be able to extend your collections into the year.  We have all seen the sports teams collecting money for their team events.  Simply dress your kids up in the seasonal sports uniforms.  During Soccer season they can be soccer players.  You can also purchase boy scout and or Girl Scout uniforms at your local Army Navy store.  These are very effective at collecting money.  Simple, effective and proven successful.  Your income for the day will be lower than during the holiday season but still easy to collect.

In the New America it is our American obligation to use all the resources at our disposal to survive and have money to pay for our useless gadgets and stuff.  After all, we are entitled to everything we want.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New years resolutions in the New America

I gave everyone my new years resolutions last year.  I must say I have been very successful.  Kept everything that I said I would keep.  Can you say the same.  Not if you are part of the 97%.  That is 97% of the people that create New years resolutions drop out after 30 days of trying.

Here in New America we do not need New Years resolutions.  Uncle Sam has already set our goals and ambitions for us.  So for everyone in New America (This means you) here are your new years resolutions:

1.  Earn less, pay more taxes.
2.  Plan a new Workman's comp claim.
3.  Plan and execute a new slip and fall routine for next Christmas season buying.
4.  Download as much free copyrighted material as possible using VPN services.
5.  Take the largest mortgage possible on my home.
6.  Earn unreported cash as often as possible
7.  Buy a gun and learn how to use it.

As New Americans, we need to stay focused on the goal.  Stay the course and achieve our goals.  With only 3% of those who try will actually achieve success.  We all have the drive deep down to accomplish anything we set our minds to, will you join me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New American Thanksgiving

If you are like most Americans, Thanksgiving was a day of overabundance.  Turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and yams would decorate our tables.  I was curious as to exactly what Thanksgiving meant in Old America.  So I went to the expert on all subjects - Google
Thanksgiving in New America

I found this definition:


noun /ˌTHaNGksˈgiviNG/ 

thanksgivings, plural
The expression of gratitude, esp. to God

- he offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival
- he described the service as a thanksgiving

(in North America) An annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal including turkey. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621, and is held in the US on the fourth Thursday in November. A similar holiday is held in Canada, usually on the second Monday in October.

An interesting side note is that the American Indians mark this day as a 'Day of Mourning'

I had always thought of Thanksgiving as a time to be thankful for what you have.  I do not mean material items, I am talking about family, health and good times.  

We now live in the 'New America'

The New American Thanksgiving is of course different than pre-Obama era Thanksgivings.

In New America, it is all about surviving.  Watch this video taken at Walmart on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving:

Here are the remains of the stampede:

Shopping in New AmericaSo how is a New America occupier to survive such mayhem? After all, we want the free stuff and cheap products.  I did some research and found this video that gives some great advice.  Other great advice includes starting your list early.  If we read deeper into the subject according to Donna L. Montalbo its all about planning.  What would drive a new American to take advantage of this long Thanksgiving weekend.

New America and our rights
I advocate owning a gun and learning how to use it.  Unfortunately it is still not acceptable to bring your gun to the store and use it to push your way to the deals.  The chances of getting any kind of deal on black Friday requires sleeping in line for days in front of the stores.  I feel that the New American is smarter and better prepared.

I have a better plan:

In my blog post 'Paying your bills in New America'  I talk about how to work the system to earn a living without really working.  Here is another opportunity to make some extra 'Holiday Cash'.  Get hurt in the stores by slipping on something or falling.  It requires some homework and perhaps some planning but in the end the pay off far out weighs the preparation effort.  Here is some great advice about proving your case.  Again if you read my post you understand that you will not really hurt yourself.  By claiming to hurt your back you should be able to milk the injury for as long as a year or more.  Just  as long as you moan and complain you will get a nice settlement.  Acting ability is key for this to really work.

Earn extra Cash
There are some glitches in this plan.  All big box stores have cameras that monitor your every move in the store.  So you will need to practice the event of falling at home.  Practice makes perfect.  May I suggest that you try Acting School, not only can you learn the art of acting, you will also have the opportunity to apply for student loans which just add to your 'extra cash'.   It's all about how good of an actor you are.  Once you have the act perfected it is just a matter of finding that personal injury attorney and a savvy doctor.  Just as Ms. Montalbo points out, it is all about planning.

All that remains is to collect your payout and go shopping at your leisure.  No lines, no fights, no rush.  In fact you will be using the stores money to buy what you want.  All the while you can still legally collect your unemployment, food stamps and or workman's compensation payments.

In 'New America' the streets are paved with gold.  Nowhere else in the world are you given so much opportunity.  Will you answer the door if Opportunity knocks?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paying our bills in New America

Making a living in the New America will be challenging over the next 4 years.  High unemployment is expected to continue.  Here is an article giving mathematical sense to the unemployment picture.

"If the U.S. wants to get unemployment at 5% by the end of 2016 we need to gain 368,000 jobs per month.  If we use BLS data we need 184,000 jobs per month"

"It was reported that 12 million jobs will be created from 2012-2016 no matter who wins the race for the White House, which is what the U.S. would get if the economy was a “normal” U.S. economy. If that growth remained constant then we would gain 250,000 jobs per month even with that amount of growth, we will not be at full employment by the end of 2016."

So you might ask; What does all this math mean?  That at best we will have high unemployment over the next 4 years.  So since we have no control over the employment situation, how can the individual person continue a steady income?  After all we all have rent, cell phone bills, food, and car payments.  Lack of income is not a viable option.

Just paying our bills

So you have had a job for many years.  Unfortunately you probably haven't had a raise in several years.  You have put a lot of work into building your career.  The company certainly owes some respect for your loyalty.  Yet your supervisor may come to you in the next few months and announce that over the next year the company will be reducing everyone's hours to a max of 30 per week.  They made this decision because of the implementation of the new health care bill.  That means a full 40 hours per month of pay loss.  

This loss of pay may mean the loss of some of the finer things in life like cell phones, cars, and dare I say food.

So what is a loyal employee to do?  

Workman's Compensation Insurance must be carried by all employers.  It is there just in case an employee gets hurt on the job.  So if you happen to 'Fall off a ladder' or 'Hurt your back' doing your job.  You can collect your salary while staying home and healing.  No loss of income.  Of course what happens in the case of a claim like this the employer is charged a higher premium.

So here is what you do to easily guarantee your salary over several years.  Simply wait for your boss to give you the task of lifting something heavy.  This is the easiest injury to fake because there is no actual visible damage.  Everything is based on your indication of pain.  So when lifting the heavy object just grimace in pain and fall to the ground.  Claim that you can't move and have an Ambulance take you to the hospital.  Don't worry any medical attention is completely paid for by the workman's compensation policy.

So as long as you have a doctor that continues to see you in pain he will keep you off the job.  You can stay home and collect that check.  The beauty of this plan is that your job is secure.  If the doctor says you can return to work, the employer has to take you back.  So simply always be in pain.  Collect your salary and play XBox.  This is how we do it in 'New America'.

There are some negatives with this Plan

Never, and I mean never lift anything in public.  You can never go on vacation.  You must always appear to be injured while in public.  You must act like your back hurts no matter what you do.  If you break out of character and an investigator sees you.  You will be busted.

Living in New America requires everyone to gain new talents.  In this case, you need to practice acting.  If you become really good at it you can actually play this game for years.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rebellion in the New America

If you haven't done so yet be sure to read my post on Verizon and Comcast efforts to monitor what their customers are downloading.  I wanted to update everyone on what I have found out and what is the easiest way to keep your privacy.  Unfortunately I have some bad news, Demoniod had been shutdown.  Another blow to free internet and privacy.

So in the interest of free enterprise and privacy, I ran an experiment.  I signed up for an account at BTGuard.  I signed up for their VPN service which allows me to secure my entire internet connection: Bittorrent, email, web browsing and all other net services.  All become completely anonymous.  I like this service because it is easy to sign up and set up.  Total cost for 3 months of service $27.95.

Once I had it setup which only took about 60 secs.  I was surfing anonymously.  Let me explain:

I used to find out what my ip was with verizon.  Here is the screen:

Note that my ip today is and of course it is located in Delaware.  Verizon can see exactly what I am doing and when I am doing it.  They are logging each and every detail of my internet experience.  So now I will be logging into my BTguard connection.  Starting here I am no longer logged into the Verizon servers.  They have no idea what I am doing.  Here is my new ip information:
Notice that now it looks like I am located in the Netherlands with an ip address of  I am now able to download any file available on the net using the torrent client of my choice as well as downloading any and all files from The Pirate Bay.  I can surf any and all websites anonymously.

So I ask the simple question; Is this type of monitoring really working?  Or is it the efforts of big corporations like the music and movie industry?  Read my post on digital rights and how this type of regulation never works.  It is simply a band-aid that is used to appease these large corporations unwillingness to change with technology. 

You might ask why?  I ask why not.  This is the New America, an America that has big brother monitoring our actions then punishing those actions based on an agenda.  As our society falls deeper into entitlements and taxation we will be forced to either become a ward of the state or a revolutionary soldier.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Earning in New America

Hopefully you have read my blog post regarding The New America.  It's all about learning the system and working that system.  By system, I mean the government's various entitlement programs.  In my post I talk about 'unreported cash'.  In this new economy we will be paying higher taxes on our income.  Usually when we earn money, it is by having a job and getting a paycheck every week or two.  This money is called 'reported cash'.  The government gets a piece of it.  So the question is; How do we get our cash so that it is 'unreported'?

Earning 'Unreported Cash'

There are a million ways to earn cash that is unreported.  The idea here is to get paid in hard cold CASH.  No checks, no receipts whatsoever.  So you get paid with cash.  The nice thing about cash is that it is anonymous.  You can spend it anywhere you like and no one asks any questions.  In fact the people that you pay with cash are probably not reporting they were paid.  Again, 'unreported cash'.

To earn cash you need to have a skill like repairing cars, computers, painting houses, building things for people, or sell drugs.  It can be anything that someone is willing to pay you cash for the service.  I would venture to say that the people paying you in cash are using 'unreported cash'.  Hopefully you are following the cycle here.

Spending 'Unreported Cash'   

You have to be careful how you spend this cash.  Never pay for anything with cash that is traceable.  Traceable things include your electric bill, Credit Card payments, mortgage payments, basically anything that leaves a paper trail.  All Uncle Sam has to do is follow the paper.  Here are some things that you can safely spend your 'unreported cash' on:

  • Food (you eat it - its gone - whose to say you ever had it)
  • Gas for the car (Again you use it - its gone - whose to say you ever had it)
  • Vacations
  • Repair work on cars and homes
  • Hookers and strip clubs (need I say more)
  • Shoes and Clothes
  • Dining out
  • Go to the Movies
Basically anything that does not leave a paperwork trail.  

Benefits of not reporting all your income

There are some hidden benefits of reporting less income every year.  For every $1000 of 'unreported cash' that you earn means that you do not have to pay the tax on the money.  Now if you are in the 28% tax bracket that means you do not have to pay $280 in tax.  In addition, by reporting less income on your tax forms you will be placed in a lower tax bracket.  Not to mention the fact that you may become eligible for more entitlement programs like Food stamps, Welfare, and Section 8 help.

Its a Win - Win situation

Lets face it, everyone wins.  You win because you are saving that higher income tax.  The person that you are paying now has 'unreported cash' and in turn can spend it.  The New Economy grows because now there is more cash flowing.  This cash can help create jobs even perhaps reportable income jobs.  Let's face facts, lower taxes, less government involvement and more money in consumers hands means a healthy thriving economy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is the New America

As I work through this new standard of an economy, I realize that the rules of 5 years ago have faded away and there must be a new approach to not only building a business but also planning for the future.  Let's face facts:
  1. There will be no recovery to the economy of the early 2000s.
  2. Real Estate prices will fluctuate dramatically
  3. Taxes will increase to fund entitlement programs
  4. Stocks, Bonds and other investments are unreliable and high risk
  5. Banks are not in the business of loaning money, instead they are there to get money.
  6. Hard cold cash is the new standard
So how do you plan and expect to save for retirement?  Here is what I think.
  • Take the largest mortgage you can at the lowest fixed rate and longest term possible.  Let the banks take all the risk on the value of the real estate.  If in fact the value increases you make out.  If it drops you lose nothing.
  • Pay off all unsecured debt like credit cards and other type loans.
  • When possible keep unreported cash at hand.  Use this cash to pay the consumable bills like food and fuel.  This can not be tracked when you pay cash.
  • Do not fund a 401k, SEP or Roth IRA.  When you get ready to take the money.  The tax will be higher in the future than if you were to pay the taxes today.
  • Save all reported income you can in an account that you can easily access.  Do not worry about the interest rate.  I suggest an account like 
  • Always try to earn cash unreported (under the table work).  Ideally you should earn unreported cash while collecting unemployment benefits.  This allows you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket rather than it being spread to the poor.
  • Store all unreported income in a fireproof safe that has been bolted to your floor.  Never tell anyone you have it.
  • Buy and keep available a gun.  Learn how to use it.
  • Remember that the less you earn the more the government will give you. i.e. food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing, unemployment etc.
Learn the system then work the system.  We need to get used to understanding exactly what we need to do to survive.  We have a minimum of 4 years to work through before we have the opportunity to make changes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to bypass Verizon and Comcast's File Sharing crackdown

If you have spent anytime at all reading my blog.  You know that I am not a Democrat or a Republican and you know that I believe everything on the internet should be shared freely.  I have written about digital rights before and what brings my fingers to the keyboard today is the new process in which the major ISP's like Verizon and Comcast are beginning a monitoring process that will 'Catch' file sharing.  We wrote a blog post about that exact issue on Bob Johnson's Tips and Tricks Blog.

Now, I am not suggesting that you download illegal material.  After all it is 'illegal' and can result in some serious fines.  So, lets say that you want to download via The Pirate Bay a file that is free public information.  Well, this can be a problem, Verizon and Comcast have a third party company monitoring P2P file sharing sites. You would receive the warnings even though the file you were downloading is free to the public.  Comcast and Verizon do not monitor what file you are downloading only that you are using bittorrent and downloading from The Pirate Bay.  So how do we get around this monitoring?

I found this article that gives several solutions on how to evade detection.  Of the solutions presented, I found two that seem to be the best choices for most people.  In addition, I found an article on Mashable that gives you 10 things you didn't know about dropbox.

Solution #1 -

Using BTGuard, you can Bittorrent anonymously.  Meaning that there is no way to track your ip address since your ip is hidden.  This service is low cost and can be purchased on a monthly basis at $6.95 for the month.  Discounts apply if you sign up for a longer term.  The best service is their VPN service at $9.95 per month.  With this service your entire internet connection is anonymous.

Solution #2 - Closed Torrent community

In a closed torrent community you must be invited by a member to join.  Once a member you are unlikely to be caught downloading because that 3rd party company monitoring traffic is not a member therefore has no access to the service.  Some examples are PassthePopcorn, What.CD,, and

Solution #3 - Dropbox

Using Dropbox you can have the files download to your dropbox.  I found this article on Mashable - 10 things you didn't know that dropbox could do.  By having your bittorrnet download to your dropbox your ip never shows up to that 3rd party monitor.  You might have to buy a larger storage size but seems like a simple solution.

I found these solutions simply by doing a google search on file share monitoring.  As I learn more I will post updates to this article.  If you know of any method please share by leaving comments below.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What would Jesus Do?

There are certain things that you learn over the years. Never pee against the wind. When your wife/Girlfriend asks that question "Do I look fat in this" Always say no. Above all, Never discuss Politics or religion with people you don't know. I have learned each of these lessons by trial and error. Especially the Politics and Religion lesson.

Today, I had a customer walk into my shop to talk about computers. He was an older gentleman who asked multiple questions. I politely answered all his concerns. When he was getting ready to leave he asked, "Can I share the Bible with you?". I said, "No, I do not discuss politics or religion during business hours". He asked me 3 times and 3 times I gave him the same answer.

The end result was that this person became visibly upset and accused me of being uninformed. Then huffed out of my place. Here is the question,

"Am I the uninformed person or is he uninformed?"

"The Word of God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish," Einstein wrote from his home in Princeton, N.J on January 3, 1954, a year before his death.

I tend to agree with Einstein on the point that the Bible is in fact a collection of primitive legends, written by people catering to an uneducated mass of people. The stories had to be simple and easy to remember.

I leave you with this thought, I feel that he is the uninformed person. After all, "What would Jesus do? "

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Independent Unknown and the Anti-Incumbent Party

According to this article the media is ignoring the independent voters.  Many years ago when George W. Bush was in his first term, I changed my political affiliation on my voter card to independent.  I do not participate in any political polls or surveys.  The media would have you believe that we do not exist.  Most likely because it would show Romney leading in the polls.

As everyone that reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I am really in the Anti-incumbent Party.  This may be a group of only one.  Our party line is: "Just Vote for the other guy (gal)."  Our goal is to clean out the deadwood in Congress and the Whitehouse.  Do this in each and every election.  If we were to follow this logic here is what I think would happen.  The first thing would be that all the Career Politicians would be out and have to live in the Real World.  Perhaps we would even find that our leaders would understand that they only have a short time to get anything done.  This would prompt them to do the best thing for our country at that very moment.  Suddenly political sides would evaporate.  Of course, this is only a dream.

However my point is that I feel that the media needs to start taking a hard look at their so called facts and take into account all of America.  The Independents of this country might just give Romney a landslide victory.  Plus you never know how big the Anti-incumbent party has become.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Parenting other Peoples Kids

Teenagers, they are young, naïve and adventurous – even the ones that you think ‘wouldn’t do that’, ultimately will. . .because they are teenagers.  As parents we need to stick together – all of us – I don’t care who you are.  What do I mean by that?  General code of conduct when supervising other people’s kids should be upheld.  I think any good, sensible parent would agree with these:

1. Check in often: If my child is at your house for a sleep over it is up to you to check in on your own child as well as mine to see what they are doing.  Teenagers left alone for long periods of time could be doing nothing or could really be doing ‘something’ – it is your responsibility as the ‘host’ parent to ensure their safety and well being at all times.

Case in point: At a recent sleepover two teens left the ‘host’ home and attended a party, parents were completely unaware that they had even left the house.  This should never happen.

2. Ask questions: when your son/daughter has a friend over and they say they are going for a walk, find out where they are going and what their goal is.  Walk is a loose term for ‘we are going to do something we shouldn’t be doing and need to get away from you so you don’t see us doing it.’

Case in point: Evidenced by photos on instagram, the two teens out for a walk ended up pool hopping and streaking through the neighborhood.  Parents still don’t know about this one.

3. No liquor for minors: First of all this one is just stupid if you are a parent and promote the use of or contribute to teenage drinking by either purchasing alcohol for them or making liquor in your home available to them.  You can go to jail.  It is morally wrong.  It is not your decision to make to allow another child (that is not yours) to drink alcohol.  If you want to pass around and pass out with your teen do it during your quality time, not while other kids (that are not yours) are present.  It’s sad that I even have to write this one down.

Case in point: A teenager admittedly told their parents they had ‘tried’ alcohol.  When prompted with questions as to where they got it they responded ‘Mister bought it for us’.  (Mister being the parent of a friend).  Sigh, really Mister, buying alcohol for minors?  Are you a pedophile too?

4. Be accountable when you’re responsible for someone else’s child:   If you go somewhere with your child and their friend(s), you leave with your child and their friend(s). Period. End of discussion.

Case in point: A friend of mine (let’s call her A) was at a home demonstration of another mutual friend (B) – you know Mary Kay or something, anyway. . .A brought her daughter to the party and her daughter’s friend.  At B’s home there were several young teenage boys including her son, ‘hanging out’ in his bedroom upstairs away from the hen party that was going on below.  A’s daughter and friend went up to the bedroom to hang out as well.  When A was ready to leave the party, the daughters friend was left behind.  When she was ultimately picked up by her parents she had been drinking.  Epic fail!  You are accountable for what happens to someone else’s child while in your care.  Parents have to trust other parents to be protective and do the right thing on our behalf – we have entrusted you with the most precious things in our lives, don’t fuck it up!

5. Be a parent first, friend second: Everyone wants to be the cool mom or dad.  However, it is your job to be a parent first and friend second to your child and their friends.  They may not always like you but they will always love you, unconditional rule.  So don’t be afraid to lay down the law and practice 1-4 of my rant on a regular basis.  Think about it.

Case in point: I personally have been called ridiculous in some of the consequences put upon my kids as a result of their actions.  For example, loss of technology access (no computer, phone etc.), loss of car privileges, increased chore lists. . . etc.  Whatever, I am not trying to win a popularity contest among the 14 to 17 demographic.  I am trying however; to be a good mom and teach my kids that if you do something wrong it will not go unnoticed.

While there are several books out there trying to tell you how to be a better parent or the right kind of parent, it is up to you and what you believe in that will or should guide you in how you raise your children.  I have never been a parent before to teenagers and therefore I continue to figure it out and they end up teaching me sometimes.  Good luck and if my kids are friends with yours you bet I am expecting you to be that parent, the one who will act in the best interest of my kids on my behalf, I would do it for you.

Denise Pavona our guest writer maintains and writes her blog "10000 Jobs and Counting!"

Words of Wisdom

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“Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.”

“Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.”

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“Words that soak into your ears are whispered…....not yelled.”

“Mean-ness don't just happen overnight.”

“Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.”

“Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.”

“It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.”

“You cannot unsay a cruel word.”

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“Don't judge folks by their relatives."

“Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.”

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Undecided American

As everyone knows, it is Presidential election time.  We all have of our opinions regarding who should be President.  Lets face it, in that election there is very little we can do to make a difference.  I am not advocating that we 'Not Vote'.  To the contrary you must vote.  What I am saying is that there are elections that your time can have a greater impact on the success of the candidate or cause that you are supporting.  One such election that I am watching is the Delaware Governor's race.

I had the opportunity to hear the Republican Jeff Cragg speak recently.  I am currently holding my opinion until I hear more and in fact listen to the other candidates.  So I encourage you to do your due diligence.  Some things that I noticed while Mr. Cragg was speaking was that he referenced Ronald Reagan several times.  He concentrated on job creation in Delaware and building business' with 20 or less employees.  There were some things that he said that made sense and others that I have a hard time supporting.  One thing that made sense to me was the way we need to stop throwing large sums of money at large corporations like Fisker.

One of the biggest things that I had a problem with was his theory on how to grow the economy in Delaware. His point here was that the largest employer in Delaware is the state government.  His solution here was to keep the government in Delaware the same size.  He would not grow the size of the state government.  His theory is that if you help the private sector grow.  Then in relation to the over all picture the State Government would become a smaller percentage of the overall employment picture.  I'm sorry Mr. Cragg I am having a hard time wrapping my support around that idea.  I feel that we need to start shrinking the size of state government.  Do evaluations on each and every department, then mandating that based on that study either we need to reduce employment or any other infrastructural expenses.

I look forward to hearing what Democrat Jack Markell has to say and what he would like to accomplish in the next term if he were re-elected.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How Boobs Got their name

Brilliant, you learn something everyday
No need to thank me.....
Just trying to keep friends informed and educated.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another one of my Opinions

I think that today I have reached my limit of the amount of stupidity that I can actually stomach.  So to get this off my chest here are some things that have to stop: (Yes I know Dr. J. Johnson, this is not proper blog format.  FYI you should check out her mediaRhetoric blog.)

  1. People stop posting the "when I was a kid" images.  It is no longer like that in America 'Thank God'.
    (Perhaps not wearing a helmet when riding your bike is what created all the stupid people today.  Lets face it a certain percentage of those kids fell off their bikes.)
  2. The fact that some guy shoots up a movie theater and some people die.  I understand why he did it.  It was because the news media glorifies such activity.  Just watch the news after one of these events.  It is all they can talk about for days.  Hell, he wanted Fame and dare I say fortune just like everyone else in America. (Can you say movie deal?)
  3. This is America, we are allowed to donate our money, as well as voice our opinions, no matter what the cause or opinion we may support.  So for all the self righteous assholes out there, you need to get off your high horses.
  4. And one last gripe;  Stop informing the world on Facebook that you are going to bed, eating, watching TV, or other mundane activity.  We don't give a SHIT! STOP IT!

Wow that certainly made me feel better.  Plus, for you stupid people that actually read this post.  Perhaps you have learned something today.  Which will make you less stupid? (Is that correct Dr. J?)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A study in Small Business America

I have included a screen shot of the rhetoric that my last post created on Facebook.  I would like to say that my younger sister (Janet) fights hard to stand up for me in the above post.  She defends me, yet this is exactly the conversations I want to see, this is the entire reason I post to this blog.  This gentleman (name removed for privacy issues) brings out some very valid points.

I have said this before and I say again now.  I am a newbie blogger.  I have talked about my rash comments and posts before.  Here is my confession.  The last post I made definitely has a rash and uninformed tone.  I have researched the comments and perhaps I have been rash in my assessment.  I want to include here the full speech given by the President.  Where you will hear his comments.

I have listened to this speech and for those of you who are conservative, I know that it is a campaign speech. However, the comments made about how small business owners did not build it was taken out of context and when taken in context means something different. Here are the comments that I am specifically referring to:

I think what he is actually trying to say within this entire speech is that America is great and was created by all Americans. The other side (Republicans or Romney camp) obviously took that one section and created a social media hoax. Creating conversations that includes a number of funny yet incorrect images. Here are a few:

So the real question here is -- Why am I so offended by that comment?

In his speech he was obviously trying to inspire all of America. So to answer this question you need to understand the small business owner. Being a small business owner is a high risk, long hours job. I should know, I am a small business owner since 1997.
Here is what you can count on from a small business owner:

1. Lives and breaths his business. Will go to sleep thinking of their business.

2. Will forgo pay in order to make his employees payroll.

3. Will hold off layoffs even when the sales forecast is poor.

4. Will dump more investment into the business during recession times.

5. Will cut all expenses possible before cutting staff.

6. No long vacations for the owner, how can you run the business if you are not there?

Did I receive help and encouragement during the development and running of my business? Has the internet, roads and bridges helped build my business? Yes of course. In fact I must credit my family for accepting the sacrifice we made to start. When we were not sure where our next mortgage payment would come from or forgoing a vacation to help the company stay alive. The friends that not only offered encouragement but also valuable advise, as well as word of mouth advertising for the business. Did these people help build my business? Of course. In fact, I have helped, in the same way. I have given advise and good recommendations to a number of small business'. I always try to shop small and inject my purchases into business' down main street. I give back in the same manner that I have received.
Even taken in total, should I be upset?

Well sort of. I think he should have chosen his words better. Here's the deal, when you pour your life, time, money, blood, sweat and life force into your business over many years. With the economy in the dumps for 3 years and every month is a fight to keep the doors open. It is hard to keep the faith. I admit there are some times where I just want to get up and walk away. Just say "Screw it" I'm done and yet in the next breath I re-motivate myself to continue the fight. I don't know where the motivation comes from, perhaps it is more stubbornness or ego. I'm not sure.

So when anyone, including the President of the United States makes a speech and says that I didn't build that. I do take offense. I don't know if the economy is his fault or if anything he has done will solve Americas problems. Only time will tell. I do know that in my slice of America things are tough, business is sluggish but I made my choices and I lay blame on no one. I am an American; when the going gets tough the tough get going. When shoved down we pull ourselves up by our boot straps and work even harder.

Let me set the record straight on this point, I will NOT vote for Obama nor am I happy with the republican offering. In conclusion, I think that South Park said it best when making fun of the 2004 Presidential election:

It is always a choice between a Douche bag and a Turd Sandwich.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh great Obama, I bow down to thee

OBAMA: “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks in Roanoke, VA, 7/13/12)

Thanks for the support
Oh great Obama, I bow down to thee. I kiss the ground you tread on. Thank you for allowing me to make money. How could any of us survive without the government creating success for us? Thank you for allowing me to vote. I want to thank you for giving me the privilege of sending in my yearly donation.........

Wait one second. I need to check something before I continue............. Hey I live in America. Oh guess what. I get to vote. So let me get this straight. My hard work and risk taking had nothing to do with how successful I am or can become?????.......... The last time I checked, which is just a few minutes ago. The only jobs that depend on the hard work of others to be successful is politicians jobs. So Mr. President you should know that your success in November will be a result of .... "you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen." We the people decide whether or not you continue to be successful or in your case try to be successful.

If I recall, I have been donating money to the government every year on April 15th. So that means that if the government built the internet with government money (my money), it is technically built by ....... Me and my hard work. So by making money on the internet I am utilizing my portion of the hard work.

I think you might be too wrapped up in the Washington DC thing. You need to get out more. Talk to people that actually have to work to make a living. You might find that you are a bit out of touch. Besides how do you justify all of the hard working small business owners that have failed? How do you justify that?

Remember people, Obama is not going to pay your bills for you. Money does not grow on trees. His ideology does not work. We have witnessed it in Greece. Lets get out in November and show Obama that we are tired.

I leave you with one final thought, the US Chamber of Commerce puts out a Small Business report every quarter. They survey small business owners, compile the information and publish a report. Here is the report. It makes for interesting reading. I did find one section that was very interesting. Take a look at the graph below:
I think this says it all.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

“It’s very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine.”

Really Sen. Reid,  Did you come up with this statement by yourself?  Perhaps a little research will be in order.  Get some of your interns on researching what is actually happening in the real world.  Why just in June 2012 we had some of the worst retail sales numbers in 3 years.

Here is a quote from that article:

"June’s disappointing sales “may be harbinger of more summer weakness,” said Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics"

Yup, better buckle down and put our heads to the grindstone.  Things definitely do not look promising over the next 6 months.  Oh, and lets not forget about the biggest tax increase in history imposed on the American people to take effect in 2014.  Good thing its Constitutional.......... Nuff said.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to make your man feel....Crazy about you???

My sister shared this article on Facebook today,  60 Ways to Love Your Man Better and Make Him Feel Crazy About You.  I read it and quite frankly can only say .... Bull shit.....

Let me explain, here is the list posted on the article:  Skip to Rules number 61 and 62.  They are really all you need to know.

  1. Laugh. Laugh at his jokes as loud as you can, even if you’ve heard the jokes 20 million times.

    No... That's creepy.  
  2. Text him, better still sext him.

    I don't own a cell phone.  So No
  3. Tell him that he is your hero and you wouldn’t be happier with any other man in the world.

    This is gay
  4. Start a hobby together. Hobbies can be a unique bonding experience and will let you learn more about each other.

    This is even more gay.
  5. Cook his favourite dish. You know what they say: “The way to the man’s heart lies through…”

    Yeah, sorta kinda but wont make me crazy.
  6. Sign up for pole-dancing classes and show him couple of tricks next time you go to the night club with the pole available.

    See rule #61 below
  7. Listen. Listen to what he has to say. Sometimes it is so easy to drift off while he is talking, make the effort to listen. It is worth it.

  8. Surprise him in the bedroom. Striptease dance — and maybe introduce whipped cream or chocolate.

    See rule #62 below
  9. Learn the new technique of kissing him (anywhere) and next time you are in the bedroom show it off.

    See rule #61 below
  10. Send him off to the quest. Give him a big problem to solve and then admire the results. Men are born doers.

  11. Let him spend time with his male friends. This time is very important for him. Respect it.

  12. Get him a pet he has been dreaming of.

    super gay
  13. Let go of his annoying habits. Just ignore or completely forgive him for these habits.

    Duh, we have no bad habits
  14. Give positive reinforcement. Instead of criticizing him, find what he is doing right and praise like crazy.

    What are we toddlers?
  15. Play Monopoly (or any other board game) together.

    Not even sure how to respond..... NO
  16. Go for a walk together. To the ocean, forest or park. Enjoy holding hands and being outside.

    Another gay thing
  17. Never throw away his stuff, even if it looks way too old (and I mean ancient). Always ask him first.

    See rule #61 below
  18. Play a game of strip poker. He will really appreciate it.

    See rule #61 below and save some time
  19. Look after his health. Cook healthy foods, make sure he eats healthy lunches.

    See rule #62 below
  20. Organise a naughty night with cigars and alcohol. Make love like crazy. You can dress up for the occasion too.

    Again see rule #62 below
  21. Go on a detox together. This gives you both the opportunity of sharing torturing but insanely useful experience and gives you amazing support.

    Slap me silly and call me a bitch.
  22. When he comes back home from work, run out, jump on him Hollywood “I was waiting for your for ages” style and give him a long kiss.

    Again see rule #61
  23. Send him an e-card with an inside joke — or just to say “I love you”.

  24. Sign up for a gym — or for any other sport activity together.

    Questionable,  I think rule #62 applies here.
  25. If you want something, just tell him. Do not hint. Hints are a waste of time.

    Again Rule #62
  26. Watch his favourite movie together. And if he laughs, at least smile even if it isn’t funny for you. If you find it amusing, even better.

    LOL, Rule #61
  27. Give him some space to be alone and enjoy his favourite book or hobby by himself.

    Never, see rule #62
  28. Pack a surprise love-you note in his lunch box.

    See Rule #61
  29. Organise a romantic night. Candles, romantic dinner, massage. Even if the night ends up with you falling asleep after all that food. He will appreciate the effort.

    See Rule #61
  30. Clean his car for him. And add some nice touches, for example a post-it note with your lip prints.

    See Rule #61
  31. Give him a face massage, manicure or pedicure. Insist — even if he seems apprehensive; as you know how to look after yourself in that regard and he is less likely to know.

    See Rule #62
  32. Wear a matching outfit. Why do we save matching outfits only for weddings? People will definitely notice and compliment you on “being a great fit to each other”.

    This is about as gay as it gets
  33. Read something new in the area of his interest and discuss it with him.

    As long as it involved rule #62
  34. Learn new things and talk to him about it.

    See Rule #61
  35. Make sure that you have enough of energy for yourself, so you can share. Remember, we can give only the things we have.

    See Rule #61
  36. Inspire and empower him by reminding him about his past successes.

    See Rule #61
  37. Joke with him.

    See Rule #62
  38. Plan your next vacation together.

    See Rule #62
  39. Have a raunchy photo session for two. He is the photographer, you are the model. Use your camera (especially if you are still at the girlfriend/boyfriend stage).

    See Rule #61
  40. Start working on reviving your passion. Try unexpected places, scenarios, role-plays.

    See Rule #61
  41. Send your children to their grandparents and have a romantic weekend together.

    See Rule #61 and #62
  42. Compliment him often and tell him he is (still) very manly. Being a man in 21st century is not easy.

    See Rule #61
  43. Kiss him and hug him for no reason.

    See Rule #61
  44. Make herbal tea and enjoy it together on the balcony/garden/backyard.

    See Rule #62
  45. Look at him when he is talking. Give him undivided attention.

    See Rule #61
  46. Do not floss your teeth in front of him.

    See Rule #61
  47. Brag to your mother about something he has achieved recently, preferably while he is within earshot.

  48. Wear his favourite dress/the dress he bought for you tonight.

    No  See Rule #61
  49. Buy something nice and useful for his hobby (you might need to do some research here).

    See Rule #62
  50. Make a nice “crafty” present. Involve your children or do it yourself.

    See Rule #61
  51. Get some nice lingerie. It will be a present for both of you.

    No,  See Rule #61
  52. Make it a habit to kiss him every time you leave a room or the house.

    See Rule #61
  53. Get him a good pen. Every time he writes something, he will think of you.

    See Rule #62
  54. Have a photo session together and frame the best picture so he can take it to his office.

    See Rule #61
  55. Ask for help — men love to feel needed.

  56. Order balloons to be delivered to his office (for his birthday, your anniversary or just for no reason).

    See Rule #61
  57. Cuddle up to him while watching a movie and tell him that you are not scared if he hugs you.

    See Rule #62
  58. Ask him for advice. We all love to give advice even if people do not ask for it, so give him this opportunity to express his opinion.

    See Rule #61
  59. Defend him like a tigress if your family or friends try to criticize him.

  60. Nothing says “I love you” like a power tool. Let him choose and then buy one.

    See Rule #62
  61. Show up Naked.
  62. With Beer.
  Number 61 and Number 62 are the only rules you need to follow to "make your man crazy about you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bullied Bus Monitor and Punishment?

I have to comment on this situation.  Apparently, a Bus Monitor was taunted on a school bus by some of the kids.  Here is the video that was taken by another kid while the bullying was occurring.

Now I am not saying that what occurred was right.  It was mean and disgusting.  What I want to comment on here is the events that followed.  Specifically the fund created to send this lady on vacation.  Which in itself makes sense.  We should collect $5,000 and send her on a nice vacation.  Although I still do not believe that is acceptable I would not argue for or against it.

What did happen was a total of $600,000 + was collected from all over America...... REALLY!  In just a few days this money was given.  Probably in $5 or $10 small donations.

My question here is ...... Why?  I mean, after all, there was no physical injury.  She is in charge of the bus.  Isn't it her job to keep the bus kids in order?  Her job is to control this exact situation.  So let's analyze this,  Some questions we need to ask:

1.  Are you the right person for the job?
2.  Did you do your job?

I mean to say that if I am hired to control kids on a bus, hence the title 'Bus Monitor'.  This isn't a one-time occurrence, she lost control of these kids way before this incident.  What should have happened?  Well at the beginning of the school year, keep a tight rein on the kids.  Report anything that seems like the beginning stages of bullying to the proper channels.  Perhaps it is a lack of training or maybe the fact that she just shows up to collect a paycheck and doesn't really want or need to understand what bullying is.  A case in point is during an interview with her she said that she did not even realize it was going on at the time of the video.

This people is in fact what is wrong with America today.  So in conclusion of this rant I would like to state that what should have happened was that the kids that were doing the bullying should be punished, perhaps a summer of mowing grass and pulling weeds in this lady's yard every week as well as working in community service of picking up trash on the roads and parks.  Then, the school district should fire this bus monitor and hire someone that can do the job.

I'm not saying that those kids were right in what they did.  I am just saying that the bus monitor allowed it to grow to the situation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aren't we all Special?

June 12, 2012 marks the date that my son, Adam Johnson graduated from high school.  The family attended the ceremony and of course we did the family thing and photographed our boy getting his diploma as well as the group shots.  In addition there were a number of speeches made during the event that were basically what you would expect to hear at such a ceremony.

The speakers basically said the same thing just in different manners.  They suggested that everyone one graduating needs to go out and find their calling because they are "special" and or with a special calling no matter what that might be.  So I understand David McCullough Jr.'s reason for making the speech that he made at the same type of event, he was fed up.  If you haven't read his speech here is a link to the Boston heralds article with the speech.

I would like to quote 2 sections of the speech:

"Contrary to what your u9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh grade report card, despite every assurance of a certain corpulent purple dinosaur, that nice Mister Rogers and your batty Aunt Sylvia, no matter how often your maternal caped crusader has swooped in to save you... you’re nothing special."

"You see, if everyone is special, then no one is. If everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless."

Would I agree with these comments.  Well they do seem a bit harsh but then again I have said the same basic thing myself.  Dare I say entitlement generation.  Yet if you read this speech to the end you will find that although he does continue to remind everyone that they are not special, he does end with hope.  He ends with the idea that we should charge at life like there is no tomorrow.  

After all, to quote from a speech I heard last night:

"I have never seen a U-Haul truck following the hearse.  You can't take it with you."

But can we say entitlement generation with this new batch of graduates?  I mean after all their families have lived through a fairly brutal recession and the country still has not recovered.  I recently read an article that compiled a number of charts which shows some interesting trends in America.  In this article the author suggests that the the capital (owners / corporations) wealth has out run the workers.  That in fact there is no way for someone to work their way up in America.........

I beg to differ, I do agree that things are tough and unemployment is high.  Yes the banks have stopped loaning money and corporations are making great profits.  But America is not broke.  We do not need to be fixed.  We need to tell our kids... Get to work.... Do anything and save your money.... Invest in those corporations that are making the profits.  Become a shareholder.  Build your wealth day by day, dollar by dollar.  Don't look for handouts!

No one will give you anything, no one is going to just say "here you go".  You have to work and work hard.  To think that you do not have the same opportunities that all other people have in America is ignorant.  Don't look for somebody to 'give' you a job.  We are not entitled to work.  Work is a privilege.  Look at how you can improve the company and show the company how you would help them grow more profitable.  No one has ever lost a job because they had the talent to create a profit for the company.  However, I know of a lot of people that have gotten jobs because they were able to create a profit.

So, if I was making that speech I would say:

Go out in the world, find what makes you valuable.  Take that value and show employers how you can make them money.  Make your mark in the world, your special mark.