Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pet Peeves

Everyone who knows me, knows that there are things that I just can't stand which equates to people acting like a Dumb-ass.  These things force me to be blunt with people.  Which usually means being honest and straightforward with the person acting stupid.  There is not a lot of things that bother me but when I don't like something it I tend to notice it right away.  I think that basically my list is short compared to others that I know.

Now before you read the dumb-ass list, you should know that when in public I never express my opinion unless I am asked directly how I feel.  Having stated my disclaimer here is the list:
  1. Public cellphone use while standing in line at a retail store checkout lane.
  2. People out in public wearing Pajamas, slipper or any type of sleepwear.
  3. Employees that work for me arriving exactly on time or 1 to 2 minutes late.
  4. Cellphone use during work hours.
  5. People asking me to get something off the top shelf at the store since I am 'Tall'.
I won't give specific examples of all five of these 'pet peeves' however I would like to describe a situation that explains item number one on the list

Public cellphone use while standing in line at a retail store checkout lane.

I think that everyone has seen the video of the angry professor and the student using the cellphone during class. If not here it is:

I think that what I like best about this professor is how he just continues his lecture without justifying his actions.  Now obviously, as responsible citizens, we can't go around destroying peoples cellphones.  No matter how we feel.  But let me get on with my story.

Just before Christmas I was tasked with the job of buying the alcohol for our Christmas party.  So I made my list and checked it twice.  Made my way to my favorite Liquor store .  I received help in finding all the wines and spirits that were on my list.  I ended up with approximately 7 bottles and some beer.  Keep in mind that it was on the weekend and the store was packed.  The line to check out was 7 people deep.

I took my place in line and quietly waited for my turn to checkout and be on my way.  If that is what had happened then you would not be reading this post, now would you?  Anyway, an older lady took her place in line behind me.  I glanced back and saw that she had 3 bottles of wine.  She wasn't standing there 30 secs before she starts calling on her cellphone.  She proceeded to have a full blown conversation about, quite frankly, nothing.  Now I wasn't ease dropping, She was talking loud enough that you could hear her on the other side of the store.

About the time that her conversation ended, another register opened up and we were asked to move to the new line.  So I am waiting behind a young lady who was finishing up paying her tab when this older lady asked me (loud enough that most everyone could hear) if she could go ahead of me because she was in a hurry for some odd ball reason.

Now you must admit, when in a group of people and one person announces something like this.  The person typically will agree to the request just because they will look bad in front of everyone in attendance.

Long story short, I let the lady go ahead of me.  I did give a some sarcastic comments related to the fact that she was "Jonesing for a drink".  Of course every fiber in my body wanted to begin a lecture on the rudeness of cellphone use while standing in line.

Over the next few days I will be adding additional posts related to the topics of my pet peeves.  Stay tuned.

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