Saturday, February 11, 2012

Governor’s Weekly Message: Helping Small Businesses Succeed

DOVER –  In his weekly message, Governor Markell focuses on helping Delaware small businesses grow.
“Dupont,  Perdue, and W-L Gore may be large employers now, but each began as the passionate project of some inspired entrepreneurs,” said Governor Jack Markell.  “Every day, new entrepreneurs step forward, launching themselves into the hard but critical work that comes from working for yourself.”
This week, the Governor joined business and academic leaders, as well as National Governors Association Chairman Governor Dave Heineman of Nebraska in Washington, D.C.  for the Kauffman Foundation’s 3rd Annual “State of Entrepreneurship Address.”   Each semester, the Delaware Economic Development Office and others  bring together dozens of existing and potential entrepreneurs to offer intensive training and guidance through the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac program.   The curriculum offers important insight in areas critical to building a business.
“It was clear from this collaborative discussion that some of the old debates and divides that mar economic policy discussions in other places just aren’t relevant at this point in history,” said Governor Markell.  “In the fight to help employers – particularly small businesses– grow, we need to stay focused on how states can enable,  rather than inhibit, growth.  We need to remain committed to making government more responsible, making our public schools stronger, and on creating a business environment that encourages growth and opportunity. Our state is full of so many active and budding entrepreneurs.  Whether as a government committed to creating a climate for success or as individual consumers committed to supporting small businesses with how and what we buy, we need to support small businesses and their entrepreneurial spirit  as we work together to keep Delaware moving forward.”
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Transcript of the Governor’s Weekly Message: Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who would want to work in America?

A friend of mine sent me this video which I have embeded in this post below.  It would seem that this girl is giving advice on the best State to get the highest amount of Welfare.  If this doesn't make you mad then you live in the wrong country!

"Who would want to work in America, This is what the Taxpayers are paying for."

Here is her rap video for this Welfare:

Governor’s Weekly Message – Federal Agriculture Secretary Pledges Support to Delaware Farmers

DOVER –  In his weekly message, Governor Markell focuses on Delaware’s largest industry: agriculture.   Delaware has 2,480 farms that cover more than 40% of Delaware, over 490,000 acres.  Agriculture drives about $8 billion dollar of economic impact each year for Delaware.
The Governor had the chance to join US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who was in Delaware to address the Annual Agricultural Industry Dinner.  Secretary Vilsack shared his support for our critical agricultural industry and explained  President Obama’s  efforts in Washington to keep the national economy moving.
“We talked about the Delaware values of hard work, cooperation, diligence and focus that are part of everything we do,” said Governor Markell.  “ It was inspiring to hear how much the Secretary knew about our state’s great farmers, how important he considered our role in the nation’s food supply and how he shared our optimism for the growing role our farms and farmers would play in exporting Delaware agriculture abroad.”
“You always hope people leave our great state with a positive impression.  In this case, that hope was rewarded. When asked what he took away from his time here, the Secretary said he was moved by so many of the great people he met,” said the Governor.  “ To me, it sounded like he was pledging to try and bring to Washington the kind of work we get to do each day here in Delaware, where – whether it’s in farms or finance, Selbyville or Smyrna – we keep working together to keep Delaware, moving forward.”
About the Governor’s Weekly Message:
At noon every Friday, the Governor’s office releases a new Weekly Message in video, audio, and transcript form.  The message is available on: