Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fight for your right to ......... to vote?

As with all elections there comes the final results.  Congrats to the winners.  The unofficial results have been posted.  Here is the link:

There was a lot of banter about the various issues and did the right person win.... yet to be seen.  But I think the real tragedy here is not who won or lost this election.  The real thing that needs to be brought into focus is the lack of turnout.  Note that there are 375,519 registered voters in New Castle County.  Granted some of these voters may not be located in the Appoquinimink school District.  So lets do some simple math.  I will say that we can safely say that if there only half this number able to vote for the School board that leaves a total of 187,759 voters.

Reading the results of this election shows that 1,294 people cast a vote for school board members.  This is only 0.689 % of voters that showed up.  Ladies and Gentlemen, voting in a free election is a privileged freedom.  When we do not exercise our freedoms, we will one day wake up and wonder what happened to free speech and open free elections.

So when you wonder how certain politicians get elected that have no clue and are following their own agendas it is........


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