Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tradeshow wasteland.....

Sitting here in Monroeville PA at a Police Tradeshow.  There are some things that should be noted when doing trade shows which I am sure is a standard thing no matter what industry you might be representing at a tradeshow:

1.  When doing a trade show always have plenty of water.
2.  Not all tradeshows are created equal. 
3.  Just because the show has been in existance for many years does not guarantee that the turnout will be good.
4.  When at police shows do not watch the police flashing lights for a very long time.  Seizures will be in your future.
5.  Always ask to be located next to a gun dealer or cool gun accessory reseller.
6.  When the 5-hour energy girl asks if you would like a free 5-hour consider the question carefully.
7.  If there are more vendors walking around the show than actual customers.  You may as well go home.

Yes as you might have guessed this show is turning out to be a flop.  We of course are only into Day One of a two day show.  However I would have to venture that the weather being as nice as it is Day Tow will most likely show a repeat of today.  I will of course keep everyone updated as to how we do over the next day.  That is if I don't eventually ask the gun dealer to borrow one of his pistols...  Darn they do not have the ammo.......

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