Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another one of my Opinions

I think that today I have reached my limit of the amount of stupidity that I can actually stomach.  So to get this off my chest here are some things that have to stop: (Yes I know Dr. J. Johnson, this is not proper blog format.  FYI you should check out her mediaRhetoric blog.)

  1. People stop posting the "when I was a kid" images.  It is no longer like that in America 'Thank God'.
    (Perhaps not wearing a helmet when riding your bike is what created all the stupid people today.  Lets face it a certain percentage of those kids fell off their bikes.)
  2. The fact that some guy shoots up a movie theater and some people die.  I understand why he did it.  It was because the news media glorifies such activity.  Just watch the news after one of these events.  It is all they can talk about for days.  Hell, he wanted Fame and dare I say fortune just like everyone else in America. (Can you say movie deal?)
  3. This is America, we are allowed to donate our money, as well as voice our opinions, no matter what the cause or opinion we may support.  So for all the self righteous assholes out there, you need to get off your high horses.
  4. And one last gripe;  Stop informing the world on Facebook that you are going to bed, eating, watching TV, or other mundane activity.  We don't give a SHIT! STOP IT!

Wow that certainly made me feel better.  Plus, for you stupid people that actually read this post.  Perhaps you have learned something today.  Which will make you less stupid? (Is that correct Dr. J?)

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