Monday, July 30, 2012

Petty Political emails

I received this email today from Mitt Romney's Campaign staff. It is a mass mail to their republican database (I also belong to the Democrat email list as well.) This is the exact reason that I am registered independent. The negative ads just force to ignore any advertising that the parties put out. So if any positive ads come around I miss them because I have desensitized myself regarding any thing that comes from the parties. I have left the links active. I would like to point out that Mitt Romney removed any active links in the Obama message. I guess he feels that someone might donate from the emails that he sent.

Join in for some legitimate research regarding the Presidential race. This research is being run by my sister Dr. Janet Johnson.


The email below from the Obama campaign is quite telling.

We've had enough of the scare tactics and blame games from President Obama and the Democrat attack machine. Americans want real solutions and a real leader -- not more excuses and unmet promises.

Donate $10 or more to make sure the headlines read correctly in 100 days:


Matt Rhoades

Campaign Manager

Romney for President


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Stephanie Cutter,"

Date: July 29, 2012 2:13:24 PM EDT
Subject: Romney defeats Obama?

When you read the news 101 days from now, that might be the headline you see.

Those few words will tell us whether we fought back hard enough against Romney and the Republicans' massive special-interest fundraising machine -- or if we didn't do enough, maybe because we got complacent or thought that we had this one in the bag.

Donate $3 or more today -- and don't leave this one up to luck, chance, or anything else.

Don't let anyone convince you that this is a sure thing -- our opponents have almost unlimited resources at their disposal, and we already know they'll outspend us by a good amount.

What we do now decides the headlines on November 7th.

We're facing a huge fundraising deadline. Please donate now, and have a hand in the outcome of this election:



Stephanie Cutter

Deputy Campaign Manager

Obama for America

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