Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Undecided American

As everyone knows, it is Presidential election time.  We all have of our opinions regarding who should be President.  Lets face it, in that election there is very little we can do to make a difference.  I am not advocating that we 'Not Vote'.  To the contrary you must vote.  What I am saying is that there are elections that your time can have a greater impact on the success of the candidate or cause that you are supporting.  One such election that I am watching is the Delaware Governor's race.

I had the opportunity to hear the Republican Jeff Cragg speak recently.  I am currently holding my opinion until I hear more and in fact listen to the other candidates.  So I encourage you to do your due diligence.  Some things that I noticed while Mr. Cragg was speaking was that he referenced Ronald Reagan several times.  He concentrated on job creation in Delaware and building business' with 20 or less employees.  There were some things that he said that made sense and others that I have a hard time supporting.  One thing that made sense to me was the way we need to stop throwing large sums of money at large corporations like Fisker.

One of the biggest things that I had a problem with was his theory on how to grow the economy in Delaware. His point here was that the largest employer in Delaware is the state government.  His solution here was to keep the government in Delaware the same size.  He would not grow the size of the state government.  His theory is that if you help the private sector grow.  Then in relation to the over all picture the State Government would become a smaller percentage of the overall employment picture.  I'm sorry Mr. Cragg I am having a hard time wrapping my support around that idea.  I feel that we need to start shrinking the size of state government.  Do evaluations on each and every department, then mandating that based on that study either we need to reduce employment or any other infrastructural expenses.

I look forward to hearing what Democrat Jack Markell has to say and what he would like to accomplish in the next term if he were re-elected.

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