Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paying our bills in New America

Making a living in the New America will be challenging over the next 4 years.  High unemployment is expected to continue.  Here is an article giving mathematical sense to the unemployment picture.

"If the U.S. wants to get unemployment at 5% by the end of 2016 we need to gain 368,000 jobs per month.  If we use BLS data we need 184,000 jobs per month"

"It was reported that 12 million jobs will be created from 2012-2016 no matter who wins the race for the White House, which is what the U.S. would get if the economy was a “normal” U.S. economy. If that growth remained constant then we would gain 250,000 jobs per month even with that amount of growth, we will not be at full employment by the end of 2016."

So you might ask; What does all this math mean?  That at best we will have high unemployment over the next 4 years.  So since we have no control over the employment situation, how can the individual person continue a steady income?  After all we all have rent, cell phone bills, food, and car payments.  Lack of income is not a viable option.

Just paying our bills

So you have had a job for many years.  Unfortunately you probably haven't had a raise in several years.  You have put a lot of work into building your career.  The company certainly owes some respect for your loyalty.  Yet your supervisor may come to you in the next few months and announce that over the next year the company will be reducing everyone's hours to a max of 30 per week.  They made this decision because of the implementation of the new health care bill.  That means a full 40 hours per month of pay loss.  

This loss of pay may mean the loss of some of the finer things in life like cell phones, cars, and dare I say food.

So what is a loyal employee to do?  

Workman's Compensation Insurance must be carried by all employers.  It is there just in case an employee gets hurt on the job.  So if you happen to 'Fall off a ladder' or 'Hurt your back' doing your job.  You can collect your salary while staying home and healing.  No loss of income.  Of course what happens in the case of a claim like this the employer is charged a higher premium.

So here is what you do to easily guarantee your salary over several years.  Simply wait for your boss to give you the task of lifting something heavy.  This is the easiest injury to fake because there is no actual visible damage.  Everything is based on your indication of pain.  So when lifting the heavy object just grimace in pain and fall to the ground.  Claim that you can't move and have an Ambulance take you to the hospital.  Don't worry any medical attention is completely paid for by the workman's compensation policy.

So as long as you have a doctor that continues to see you in pain he will keep you off the job.  You can stay home and collect that check.  The beauty of this plan is that your job is secure.  If the doctor says you can return to work, the employer has to take you back.  So simply always be in pain.  Collect your salary and play XBox.  This is how we do it in 'New America'.

There are some negatives with this Plan

Never, and I mean never lift anything in public.  You can never go on vacation.  You must always appear to be injured while in public.  You must act like your back hurts no matter what you do.  If you break out of character and an investigator sees you.  You will be busted.

Living in New America requires everyone to gain new talents.  In this case, you need to practice acting.  If you become really good at it you can actually play this game for years.

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