Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rebellion in the New America

If you haven't done so yet be sure to read my post on Verizon and Comcast efforts to monitor what their customers are downloading.  I wanted to update everyone on what I have found out and what is the easiest way to keep your privacy.  Unfortunately I have some bad news, Demoniod had been shutdown.  Another blow to free internet and privacy.

So in the interest of free enterprise and privacy, I ran an experiment.  I signed up for an account at BTGuard.  I signed up for their VPN service which allows me to secure my entire internet connection: Bittorrent, email, web browsing and all other net services.  All become completely anonymous.  I like this service because it is easy to sign up and set up.  Total cost for 3 months of service $27.95.

Once I had it setup which only took about 60 secs.  I was surfing anonymously.  Let me explain:

I used to find out what my ip was with verizon.  Here is the screen:

Note that my ip today is and of course it is located in Delaware.  Verizon can see exactly what I am doing and when I am doing it.  They are logging each and every detail of my internet experience.  So now I will be logging into my BTguard connection.  Starting here I am no longer logged into the Verizon servers.  They have no idea what I am doing.  Here is my new ip information:
Notice that now it looks like I am located in the Netherlands with an ip address of  I am now able to download any file available on the net using the torrent client of my choice as well as downloading any and all files from The Pirate Bay.  I can surf any and all websites anonymously.

So I ask the simple question; Is this type of monitoring really working?  Or is it the efforts of big corporations like the music and movie industry?  Read my post on digital rights and how this type of regulation never works.  It is simply a band-aid that is used to appease these large corporations unwillingness to change with technology. 

You might ask why?  I ask why not.  This is the New America, an America that has big brother monitoring our actions then punishing those actions based on an agenda.  As our society falls deeper into entitlements and taxation we will be forced to either become a ward of the state or a revolutionary soldier.

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