Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update: Surfing hidden and quiet

Read my blog long enough and you will come upon my post about big corporations like the music industry and movie mongrels trying to monitor our internet usage.  However, if you missed it, read all about my quiet revolution.  Digital rights and the lack of big business to change with the ever changing technology world has forced the private citizen to remain 'private'.  I refuse to be monitored.

Now if you listen to the liberal media, they would have you believe that it is illegal to share anything that you have paid for.  Just read my post about how this type of attitude has never worked.  In short, trying to regulate digital downloads like music and movies encourages piracy.

To update my last post regarding digital downloads and the use of VPNs, it has been several months since I started the experiment, in which I have been using BTGuard VPN service to download files from The Pirate Bay, utilizing BitTorrent.  So far no warnings from the internet service or any indication that they have even detected my downloads.  You can read how I setup and implemented BTGuard and the VPN experience.  I will not give you exactly what I downloaded but needless to say I really enjoyed all the downloads.

The question is "Did the Internet Services regulating threat encourage my digital Piracy?"  I would say that the answer is yes.  If the information I downloaded were available at a reasonable cost and in digital format I would have no reason to use piracy sites to get the info.

Stand up for your rights, refuse to be monitored.  Join the revolution.

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