Thursday, June 13, 2013

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

I love saying that.  How many times have I written about the loss of our freedom and Big Brother watching over us?  Have you been listening?  Now, with the National Security Administration surveillance scandal, the sale of George Orwell's book '1984' has skyrocketed.  Everyone is wondering "What happened to our Freedom?"

Just recently I was at a friends party and as usual one of my conversations reverted to digital rights and the monitoring our our internet activities.  The person, whom shall remain nameless, said "If you are doing nothing illegal you have nothing to worry about.".  On the surface that concept seems logical.  However if we dig deeper and think about it.  As time goes on and we are monitored to the nth degree deeper there will be nothing you can avoid to stay out of trouble.

Take the law they are trying to pass in New Jersey.  New Jersey wants to make it a law that when the police pull you over they can require that you hand over license, registration and cell phone.  Can you say "Invasion of Privacy"?  Is this an invasion of our privacy?  After all isn't it in the interest of public safety that you not talk on your cellphone while driving?

Our freedom is like a bucket of water in the desert.  The water represents our freedom.  When the bucket develops a leak.  Not a big one.  We might say that its not big enough to worry about so we just don't stop the leak.  After all its just a couple of drops a day.  Then, next year another leak develops and another the year after.

After a bit of time we look in the bucket to discover that it is half empty.  We surprisingly ask "What happened to our Freedom?"

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