Monday, June 7, 2021

How to get free BitCoin

How to get free bitcoin Several months ago I got sucked into the Crypto Currency madness.  In doing so I purchased various coins including but not limited to Doge, Bitcoin, shib Inu and many more.  Yes I have made money in this crazy space.  In doing so I learned a few things.  You can acquire free crypto by doing certain things.  For example, simply by joining you will receive $10 in bitcoin just for signing up and spending $100 on Crypto.  However in addition you are able to watch short videos, learn about the various coins and take a quiz.  After which you earn free crypto.  

So yes I did in fact take advantage of the Coinbase deal.  Keep in mind that by learning about the tech behind the coins helps in driving your investment decisions.  Another nice feature of is the ability to earn interest on crypto that you stake with the site.  At the time of writing this post I am earning 6% on my Cardano (ADA) Coins.

Which all of this is fun and educational but I was looking for more.  In looking for another avenue I did some searching on how to mine crypto.  In general, it can be very expensive.  I wasn't prepared to purchase hardware and spend alot of money on mining.  I did however stumble on Cryptotab browser which you can load on your computer and use the browser to surf the web.  In addition, you can just open the mining tab and begin mining bitcoin.  At no cost to you.  

The rate at which you mine bitcoin using the browser is slow.  However you are able to buy multipliers.  I purchased a 2X multiplier, and am currently mining at 0.0000500 bitcoin per day.  Over all, that's about $10 per month at todays current price for bitcoin.  I basically paid for the multiplier with the first 2 months of mining and now have 10 months of mining with the 2X multiplier at no cost.  You can spring for the X5 or X15 multiplier however they are pricey.

Another fun and free app for your phone is the pi project.  Currently, as I write this blog, this crypto is just getting started and what you mine using their app is currently worthless.  I do like the project and feel that in the future it will be valuable.  Here is the link:

You will need to be referred in order to use the app.  Use my referral code - bobjohnson - and i will send you 1 Pi to get you started.

I hope that this information helps you find your way thru the crypto mania of today.

Full Disclosure:

If you use the links on this page I will get rewarded for referring you.  Its not much but I like to be upfront with everyone.  

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